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5 Places to Cool Off in Amsterdam

July 25, 2018/ BY Alina

The last few weeks have been nothing but hot and sunny. You don’t hear me complain though. I like the sun. And besides, we have air condition here in our showrooms. However, since a real heat wave was predicted for this week, I might recall my previous statement.  Luckily, there are some great places at our capital to cool down.

Rijksmuseum fountain

When it’s really, really hot, stepping in a fountain sounds super tempting. So why not, actually? That’s what the creators of the garden of the Rijksmuseum must have thought. The garden around the Rijksmuseum is open to everyone and has a lovely fountain. This fountain is a popular place for kids – and grown-ups too, we don’t judge – to play in. Just walk through the water jets and take a seat at one of the chairs next to the fountain. You’ll be dry in a minute anyway.

kids playing in the fountain of the rijksmuseum amsterdam
Kids playing in the fountain at the Rijksmuseum


When you’re near the Rijksmuseum and Museum Quarter, you can also take a stroll to the Vondelpark. This nearby park is the largest and most popular park in Amsterdam. The large trees offer plenty of shadow to take a rest. There are a few restaurants where you can get something to eat or drink. But you can also dip a toe in the kids’ paddling pool.

people relaxing at the famous vondelpark in amsterdam
In the summer, the Vondelpark is a popular spot among locals to relax at the water or under the trees

Sarphatipark at De Pijp

This urban public park is located in De Pijp, one of Amsterdam’s coolest hotspots. The Sarphatipark is an oasis of peace in this rural part of the city. It is no secret that this park is very beloved by the local residents. This park offers something for everyone. There are ponds, large trees and plenty of places to sit down and relax. But also the kids don’t have to be bored. There is a playground for young kids and recreational facilities for the older ones. Get a few snacks at the Albert Cuijp Market nearby and relax for a while at this city park.

the famous fountain at the Sarphatipark in Amsterdam
The famous fountain at the Sarphatipark


Not ready to leave Amsterdam yet, but want to visit the beach? No problem! Amsterdam has a lot of ‘city beaches’. These artificially constructed beaches are the perfect places to enjoy the nice weather. At one of the best beaches, you’ll find Pllek. Pllek is a restaurant and bar, built of used shipping containers at the Amsterdam yard. Take a 20-minute ferry ride from Amsterdam Central Station and you’ll feel like you’re on a beach holiday. Have a drink, cool off at the beach and marvel at the beautiful skyline of Amsterdam. Stayed a bit longer than intended? We can’t blame you. Pllek has weekly programming with live music, film, dance nights, and culinary events. There’s always something to do.

empty picknick benches at pllek in the early morning
Both young and old can relax at Pllek in Amsterdam North

The Hilton Roof Terrace

Are you looking to cool down in style? The SkyLounge Amsterdam is the roof terrace of Amsterdam. The terrace is located on the 11th floor of the DoubleTree of the Hilton Hotel close to the central station. It’s a perfect spot for an (extensive) lunch or a late night cocktail. The drinks are a bit pricey, but the spectacular view more than makes up for it. 

rooftop terrace at the doubletree hilton in amsterdam
The Hilton SkyLounge is a great place to cool off and enjoy the view of the Amsterdam skyline

Of course, there are many other perfect places to celebrate the good weather in Amsterdam. You can perch at one of the countless terraces or book a canal cruise. Do you want to make the most of your stay in Amsterdam? Contact our travel consultants. They will help you and your company to make your visit to Amsterdam one to treasure forever.

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