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5 Reasons Why Diamond Jewelry is the Best Gift

By Danielle

Senior diamond consultant; standing by to provide personal advice. She knows exactly what you are looking for while keeping your budget in mind.

May 5, 2021

Your partner's birthday is coming up, your jubilee is next week, or the holidays are coming up. Every moment that can be celebrated deserves a beautiful gift. But what do you give to the most special person in your life? It is a gift that will last forever, a gift that shines infinitely, but above all, a gift that is personal and intimate. What gift meets all these requirements? Diamonds of course!

5 Reasons why diamond jewelry are the best gifts

  1. Jewelry suits every occasion
  2. You can personalize diamond jewelry
  3. Diamonds last a lifetime
  4. Every diamond is unique 
  5. Because they are worth it

Marilyn Monroe once sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Giving a diamond to your loved one is always a good idea.
There are many gifts you can give your loved one, but why should you give diamonds? You can also turn the question around: ”Why not?”
In this blog, you will read 5 reasons why diamond jewelry is the best gift

1: Jewelry suits every occasion
Who doesn’t love getting jewelry on a special occasion? As we just said, ”diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. A piece of jewelry is the perfect way to celebrate a special moment. For that reason alone, diamonds are the best to give. Depending on the occasion that is being celebrated, you can choose different kinds of jewelry. For example, a subtle bracelet is perfect for a promotion at work or a Graduation Diamond if your loved one has graduated.

For more personal occasions, choosing the right piece of jewelry requires more attention. Such gifts become more personal because there is more love involved. You have something to celebrate together, make memories, and become more intimate. Buying jewelry for intimate occasions, such as
your anniversary, requires more love and attention. It’s worth it!   

18 karat rose gold diamond bracelet

The Golden Cup: 18 karats rose gold tennis bracelet

2: You can personalize diamond jewelry
”It’s in the details”. Yes, you can give a standard piece of jewelry, but then what is the jewelry’s extra value?  After all, a birthday cake without candles remains a simple cake. So why not personalize diamond jewelry?

Giving a piece of jewelry gets extra value for your loved one if you pay attention to the details. Take the date you first met, engagement day, or each other’s initials. By personalizing diamonds you show how much you care about your loved one and how much attention he/she deserves. When a piece of diamond jewelry is complete to your loved one’s liking, you show that you know him/her best of all people.

Write down what jewelry your loved one wears most, what color suits best, and the preferences in gemstone color. The more details you have, the better and easier the personalization goes.

Besides personalization, this checklist helps you on your way to choosing the perfect piece of jewelry

3: Diamonds last a lifetime
Every certified diamond dealer will agree with the statement that diamonds last practically forever. On the Friedrich Mohs hardness scale, diamonds are the hardest gemstones. Because of this, diamonds are hard to damage. That is, of course, not to say you can wreak havoc on a diamond ring! The statement is more about the fact that you can wear diamonds without the risk of spontaneous crumbling. 

4: Every diamond is unique
You’ve found the perfect piece of jewelry, but have doubts about its originality. Don’t worry! Every diamond is unique. A certified diamond dealer offers handcrafted diamonds, which means that each piece of jewelry has its unique characteristics. Initially, diamonds may look the same, but the differences are in the details. This is important to pay attention to when it comes to counterfeit jewelry. Whether a diamond is authentic is validated by a certificate. When in doubt, always ask the seller for a certificate, so you know that the piece of jewelry you are giving to your loved one is unique. 

5: Because they are worth it
Jewelry and diamonds are not the cheapest products and picking out the perfect piece of jewelry take time and attention. As you read earlier, they are worth it, the energy you put into the search will lead to indescribable emotions. The time, attention, and expense let your partner know that they are worth it. It lets the person know that he/she is a valuable person in your life. There is no price attached to that intention, no amount of money outweighs that thought.

Unless you buy a bigger diamond.

Choosing the perfect diamond is hard. Every occasion asks for a different piece of jewelry. Not sure which piece of jewelry to buy? Our experienced consultants would love to help you find the right gift. Get inspired, make an appointment today, and walk out with the perfect gift for your loved one.

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