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Al Capone’s Pocket Watch Auctioned for $84,375

August 10, 2017/ BY Alina

A little while ago, in Cambridge (Massachusetts), Al Capone’s diamond pocket watch sold at an auction for more than 84,000 dollars. The Illinois Watch Company in Springfield, Illinois, created the watch in 1870. The triangularly shaped watch has a titanium frame and coating and a diamond studding around the clockwork.

About Capone

Alphonso Gabriel Capone was an American gangster. Many also know him by his nickname “Scarface”. Capone was famous for his many criminal activities such as illegal alcohol trade, organizing prostitution and bootlegging. Besides for being famous as a gangster, Al Capone was also well-known for his stylish and classy appearance. He always dressed in the best suits and was quite fond of high-quality products. The diamond pocket watch is a great example of Capone’s remarkable sense of style.

Al Capones pocket watch front and backside

About the watch

The 147-year-old platinum watch has a triangular shape. The contour of the clockwork contains no less than 72 diamonds. The numbers of the timepiece, as well as the watch hand, are yellow gold. On the back of the pocket watch are the initials “AC”. These initials are not an engraving; they are made from 23 small diamonds and are encircled by another 26. It almost speaks for itself that the watch came with the original 14 karat gold chain. The watch is in great condition. You can clearly see it the previous owner took good care of it. 

To the watch belongs a letter of provenance from Capone’s great-grandson. The letter reads: “Shortly after the passing of Albert Francis ‘Sonny’ Capone, his daughter, Barbara Prince, nee Capone, a resident of California, delivered the watch described below to me, along with other personal property that at one time was the personal property of my great grandfather, Alphonse G. Capone.”

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