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April: the Month of Tulips

April 12, 2017/ BY Alina

When you think of Amsterdam, you think of tulips, especially in April. In this month, the city of Amsterdam is packed with these flowers.


The origin of Dutch tulips

Although there is little resemblance within the tulips of today, the Dutch tulip originates from Asia. The shape and color are different from the tulips we know now. Yet the Wild Tulip from Kazakhstan still serves as the basis for new developments in the tulip field (no pun intended). The Wild Tulip is used because people still search for other tulip species to stimulate the development of new ones.

Wild Tulips in Kazakhstan

Tulips from Amsterdam

A great place to find flowers is the flower market in Amsterdam. Here you can purchase a bag of tulip bulbs. Plant these bulbs in autumn in your garden and enjoy the flowers in spring to relive your visit to Amsterdam.

But also the history of tulips can be found in Amsterdam. The Hortus Botanicus have created a small timeline of the flower in honor of the tulip. Not only the Wild Tulip and the Regular Tulip are on display, but also other species are shown here. For example the variants that caused a hype in the Netherlands in the 17th century. This was the moment when the popularity of tulip bulbs reached an all-time high, causing one of the first stock market crashes.

Flower Market in Amsterdam

Tulips in Amsterdam

Tulips are everywhere in the city: bridges, squares and other public places. A great example is the Museum Square. Life-size flower boxes that are filled with the most colorful tulips are spread throughout the square. In the sunlight, in the reflection of the pond in the square, these plants are superb crowd pullers.

On foot or by bike are great ways to enjoy all tulips – and the nice spring weather. You can find the tulips on bridges, parks and basically everywhere. Highly recommended is also the Vondelpark in the spring. Here you can experience the true Amsterdam spring: blossoming flowers, ducklings, young storks… Everything to put a smile on your face. Are you a fan of tulips? In that case you may like this diamond tulip pendant necklace

Tulips and diamonds

A special tulip is the soft pink “Pink Diamond” tulip. This kind of tulip is a beautiful reference to the “Pink Star”. This is a diamond that was recently sold at an auction for a record amount of $71.2 million.

Therefore Royal Coster Diamonds presents: the beautiful little sister of the Pink Star. Our romantic engagement ring that contains a pink diamond. The perfect ring for the man who is looking for the ultimate present for his beloved to conquer her heart forever.  

pink diamond ring and pink roses on wooden table

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