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The Asscher Cut Diamond

November 3, 2017/ BY Frank van Poorten

One of the most popular diamond shapes is the Asscher cut. It’s a diamond cut from the Netherlands with 74 facets. This shape is often compared to a square Emerald cut. Even though this cut exists for more or less one hundred years, it’s still very beloved. This is because the Asscher sparkles almost as much as a brilliant cut diamond, despite its square shape. A disadvantage of this shape is that any small impurities inside the diamond are highly visible.

yellow gold asscher cut diamond ring around female finger

The history of the Asscher cut

The Asscher cut dates back to 1920. The owners and brothers of the Asscher Diamond Company (now: Royal Asscher) designed this cut. They made the shape for the firm after Mr. Asscher cut and polished the Cullinan diamond in 1908. That is why the general public didn’t discover the Asscher Cut until around 1920. The design of an Asscher cut diamond fits perfectly to the Art Deco period in the 1920s. It is, therefore, no surprise that the cut became popular at a rapid pace. Due to the combination of the end of the Art Deco period and the development of new diamond cuts, the Asscher cut became a bit forgotten. In the following years, most of the Asscher cuts were found in vintage rings in antique shops. At least, until the beginning of 2000. Almost out of nowhere, the Asscher cut made a great comeback. Nowadays, it’s almost just as popular as during the Roaring Twenties.

An endless hallway of mirrors

The Asscher cut looks a lot like an Emerald cut. However, there are some important differences between the shapes of these cuts. An Asscher cut is square, while an Emerald is a rectangular diamond. Just like an Emerald cut, the Asscher has large step facets on the top and bottom of the stone. However, the corners of the Asscher are rounder than those of an Emerald cut diamond. Therefore, the Asscher almost looks round. This gives the diamond a great sparkle. Diamond experts, therefore, compare the Asscher cut often to an endless hallway full of reflecting mirrors.

asscher cut reflecting halls diamond ring around female finger

The Asscher cut in jewelry

The crown of an Asscher cut diamond is higher and steeper than the one of a regular brilliant. This makes the cut very suitable for a solitaire setting. The Asscher has a rectangular shape. However, when it’s placed in the correct way, it almost looks round.

Impurities and color

Those who want to have an Asscher cut need to take a few things into account. The table – the top of the diamond – is relatively large. This provides you a clear view inside the diamond. Therefore, it is very important that an Asscher cut diamond has a high clarity. Otherwise, you’ll see the spots and impurities immediately. Choose preferably a VS2 clarity or higher. Also regarding color, it’s better to go for a beautiful clear color. The lesser color, the better. Though it depends on your own preference, we advise to choose an I-color or higher. This ‘Slightly Tinted White’ is also known as Top Crystal.

asscher halo art deco ring wooden background


An Asscher cut is an all-round diamond cut and is a great addition to any piece of jewelry. The style of the cut looks Art-Deco and derives from the Roaring Twenties. An Asscher diamond looks best in ‘vintage’ rings. Think of the antique look with many details and lines.

Asscher with a halo

Because the shape doesn’t have the optimal sparkle, a ‘halo setting’ works great for the Asscher. Opt for a ring of brilliant diamonds to surround the Asscher cut and give it an extra sparkle boost. Besides in rings, Asscher cuts are often used as stud earrings and in tennis bracelets.

woman wearing asscher cut diamond halo ring and red nails

The Asscher cut as self-expression

However you decide to wear this beautiful diamond, an Asscher cut shows who you are. This cut radiates timeless elegance and class. It’s the perfect alternative if you don’t want a rectangular emerald but prefer a square sparkling diamond. Are you curious about Asscher cut jewelry? Check out these stunning Asscher cut diamond stud earrings or contact a diamond consultant for more information.

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