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Birthstone of January: the grenade

January 31, 2017/ BY Frank van Poorten

The birthstone of January is the garnet or grenade. The stone gets its name from the deep dark red color it usually has even though a garnet can come in different colors. The history of the stone probably goes back to the Bronze Age. A garnet stands for friendship, purity, and should protect against the influence of the devil.
Usually the stone has a deep red color but purple, orange, yellow, brown and green garnets also occur.

Raw uncut large of garnet diamond mineral

The grenade stands for

  • friendship
  • purity
  • love (those for which you always go home again)
  • protection
  • brings the traveler back home
  • medicinal, good for the heart and circulatory system and protects against poisoning
  • The grenade is also part of a two-year wedding anniversary (sometimes even with a 6 year old), the constellation Capricorn and Aquarius and in the Chinese horoscope in the rat.

Meaning of the name grenade

The grenade, or garnet was used in the Bronze Age as a gemstone. The name of the stone comes from the old English word “Gernet ‘which means ‘dark’ or is a corruption of the Latin’ granatus’. The stone is said to resemble the seeds of the pomegranate.

Seeds of a pomegranade on a plate

The myth of the grenade

The grenade plays a role in the Greek myth of Persephone, who is abducted by the dark god of the underworld, Hades. After a desperate search by her mother Demeter, Hades let Persephone go, but not just like that. She may be on earth for half a year, then they should stay again for half a year into the dark world of Hades. To be sure of that, Hades feeds poor Persephone some seeds of the pomegranate, because who ate something in the underworld, would always have the strong need to go back. That is why the pomegranate represents a strong desire in the Greek mythology.

Colorful world stone

The red grenade is the most famous color, but the gemstone comes in many colors and types.
The color range from red through pink / violet to green, blue and even almost colorless.

Multiple grenade gemstones

Therapeutic stone

In alternative medicine, the stone also plays a part. The stone can balance you and can bring balance into one’s life, reduce stress and anxiety and help people in making decisions. In addition, the grenade reinforces positive emotions, the strongest of course being love!

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