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The Birthstone of November: the Topaz

November 2, 2017/ BY Frank van Poorten

The birthstone for November is the Topaz. Topaz is a mineral and comes in many colors. Usually, it’s yellow gold-colored, but it can also have a white, blue, green, orange or grey color. A pure Topaz is even entirely colorless. Raw Topaz has a diamond shape. From this shape, it grows into a prism shape. This way, it can grow bigger: a Topaz can grow up to even one meter tall. The grooves that are inside the mineral, grow along and are highly visible. Especially in the pure stones, these grooves can be seen quite easily because the light goes right through the stone.

Topaz stands for

  • Happiness, love and prosperity
  • Making one feel good
  • Extra strength in the search for love
  • Compassion
  • Strengthening friendships
  • Stimulation of mental and spiritual development
  • Creativity
  • The ability to concentrate

Furthermore, the Topaz stimulates the thyroid and therefore the digestion and can help losing weight, but also prevent and cure eating disorders. It has a positive effect on the blood flow, one’s energy and mood. At blurred vision, the Topaz can improve one’s sight. Moreover, the Topaz has a calming effect for people who suffer from nervousness. 

Origin and history

Topaz is one of the “Nine Gemstones” from the Thai Order of Gemstones. The name Topaz originates probably from the Ancient Greeks, who named the stone after its finding place. This was the island Topazius or Topazos, currently known as Zebirget, Egypt. The first real use of the word Topaz stems from the Dark Ages. The Egyptians believed that a gold-colored Topaz received its color from the Sun god Ra. The Old Greek thought a Topaz could give one extra strength and the ability to make yourself invisible.

Finding places

You can find Topazes in the sandy grounds of rivers. Currently, you can find them in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Birma and Russia. However, you can find them all over the world Blue Topazes are mainly found in North-Ireland, Schotland and Cornwall. An important finding place of yellow Topazes is the Saxon Ore Mountains. That’s the reason these stones are often called Saxon Diamonds.

The colored Topaz

A Topaz can come in different colors, but most often it is something between hay-yellow and autumn-yellow color. But also colorless, light pink and light blue Topazes emerge quite often. One of the remarkable things about the Topaz is that its color can change. When you heat the stone, it can turn blue or pink.

Topaz in jewelry

Both raw and polished Topazes are used in fancy jewelry for centuries. Topaz jewelry is so popular because the stone is see-through, just like a (pure) diamond. When you polish a Topaz, it gains an amazing sparkle. Since blue is such a popular color, Topazes are often heated so they become blue before they are placed into jewelry. Therefore, a Topaz can be blue from nature or thanks to mankind.

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