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Why Jewelry Is In Style

By Danielle

Senior diamond consultant; standing by to provide personal advice. She knows exactly what you are looking for while keeping your budget in mind.

July 15, 2021

Jewelry, why are they so stylish? Of course, for each individual it is different which jewelry reflects their style. Are you exuberant? Then colorful jewelry is best. Are you modest? Then you probably choose jewelry with a minimalist character. If you look around you can see by the jewelry style of someone what kind of person he or she is.

If you pay close attention you can immediately what kind of person someone is and what kind of style he or she wears.

When creating a personality, 2 elements are crucial:
1) What emotional value does the jewelry have;
2) Which jewelry makes you feel good.
Together they create a recognizable look.

The emotional value

The emotional value is probably most important for the person wearing it. Often there is a certain thought, memory or event that comes along. How you react emotionally to the jewelry will also be transferred to other people. You often radiate what feeling you get from the jewel.

Some people get strength out of it, and others will see that. Think of people who wear jewelry during important moments in their lives because they believe it causes luck. The jewelry makes someone feel stronger, and that increases the chance of happiness or achievements.

If you receive a jewel during or because of an important moment in your life that has made a big impact, the feeling that was relevant at that moment will live on in the jewel and therefore also in you.

A thought or a certain belief might also give jewelry emotional value. Usually, people with a certain conviction want to show that they believe in something, and show this off by wearing a particular type of jewelry.

Have you ever received a piece of jewelry that belonged to your father or mother, and earlier belonged to their father and mother, and so on? Then this heirloom jewelry piece is also a type of emotional value. In this case, the jewelry reminds you of your family, something that can cause a lot of emotions and from which you get strength. It ensures that it gets an eternal soul.

The different types of jewelry

At Royal Coster Diamonds we offer rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and watches. From subtle to exuberant, and from many colours to just one colour. You can have it all!

To create a certain style that suits you, it is important that you know what your characteristics are. Someone who likes to be in the crowd and behaves licentious will wear something different than someone who is more into his- or herself.

Royal Coster Diamonds has a number of collections that each identify a style.

The Empress Collection

The Empress Collection was inspired by Empress Sisi, the monarch of Austria-Hungary. The diamond stars she wore on trips to Amsterdam were her trademark. As a tribute to her visit to Royal Coster Diamonds in 1884, we created the Empress Collection.

The collection is characterized by its classic style. There is a lot of use of beautiful star-shaped jewelry that will give your outfit an imperial ‘touch’. Do you love classic jewelry with sparkling diamonds? Then the Empress is the collection you must have!

You are the most beautiful star in the sky; view the Empress collection here.

Empress Collection

The Empress Collection

The Rainbow Collection

The jewelry from the Rainbow collections contains, as the word implies, all the colours of the rainbow. The striking colours ensure you will shine. The jewelry gives your outfit flair and shows that you enjoy life, and most of all that you are proud to be here. People around you get excited by your exuberance and the way you radiate it.

Are you a colourful type who embraces life? This collection will suit you perfectly. It will even give your personality an extra boost so that you stand strong and can handle the world.

Give life colour and view the Rainbow Collection here.

Rainbow Collection

The Rainbow Collection 

The Touch of glam collection

The Touch of Glam collection is highly recommended for women who are looking for that extra touch of glamour. The jewelry is also perfect as a gift for a special moment in someone’s life. This collection suits all types of women, which makes it versatile in all ways. Furthermore, the jewelry exudes elegance and luxury.

The jewelry gives a youthful feeling, which creates an incredibly cool look. It doesn’t fit just one type of woman and embraces the personality that you bring out. Combined with your clothing style, the jewelry tells the story of who you are, without giving too much away.

Let your personality shine and view the Touch of Glam collection here.

Touch of Glam

The Touch of Glam Collection

Luna collection

Just like the Empress collection, the Luna collection is classic. However, it carries a modern flair and everything is set in a bezel-setting. This is safe and easy to wear. The collection consists of a necklace, ring and earrings. Together they form an elegant look, something that the modern woman loves to add to her collection.

The jewelry is simple and fits perfectly for someone who is modest and allows herself to shine through jewelry. A subtle look is what you want, without too much fuss.

The jewelry is also great to match with your everyday outfit or just your shiny party dress. The Luna collection always strikes the perfect balance.

The power of simplicity is pure beauty. View the Luna collection here.

Luna Collection

The Luna Collection

Why is jewelry stylish?

Jewelry is so stylish because it enhances your personality and completes your outfit. Furthermore, jewelry is not only beautiful and makes you unique, the emotional value behind a piece of jewelry ensures that you always wear a personal memory. You can draw strength, happiness, and self-confidence from it. When the jewelry transfers from generation to generation, the jewelry gets an eternal soul, which for everyone different meanings and thoughts evoke. In short: jewelry is stylish!

Happiness is a second that wants to be eternity‘ ~ Gerrit Komrij.

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