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Diamond Trends That Should Retire Immediately

By Alina

Marketing and Communications Advisor with a passion for diamonds and a nose for trends. Always happy to share the latest developments in the jewelry business with you.

July 24, 2020

As you probably know: I love diamonds! Over the years I’ve seen some quite interesting trends. They vary from “going Dutch on the engagement ring” to “engagement watches”. Most of these diamond trends are a lot of fun! But every now and then, some of these trends are one bridge too far for my taste. And some are simply bizarre. Our master polisher Frank always seems to be up-to-date about the latest craziest diamond trend. So after he sent me the umpteenth weird trend, I decided to compile a list of diamond trends that should retire immediately.

Engagement ring piercings

Don’t get me wrong. I like engagement rings and I like piercings. But the combination… It’s not really my cup of tea. The last few years, we discovered two kind of engagement ring piercings. One is where people put a dermal piercing on their finger. So they wear a diamond directly on their skin. The other one looks a bit more gruesome. A part of the ring is under the skin of the ring finger. The diamond of the ring is above the skin.

diamond engagement ring piercing Image sources: Pinterest and Instagram

I admit that you don’t have to fear to lose your precious diamond (ring). But what if the diamond snags on something… Brr, I don’t even want to think about it. I’ll pass on this diamond trend.

Diamond teeth

Traditionally, diamonds were a way to express (excessive) wealth. Nowadays many people like to (literally) brighten their teeth with whitening treatments, facings, or other inventive ways. But some people take it one step further. They combine these two. The result: diamond teeth. Or actually, diamond grillz.

diamond grillz Image source: Daily Mail

The trend started out as something quite innocent. Certain people frosted one small brilliant cut diamond on one of their teeth. Little did they know that it would lead to people filling their whole mouth with diamonds. It can be no surprise that celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West flashed their “grillz” on several occasions. All I can think is whether or not it will feel different from false teeth. I’ll stick to my pearly whites I think.

The avocado proposal

Apparently, a few years ago, proposing with a ring in an avocado was a thing many people did. I’m a millennia. And yes, I like avocado. Yet my love for this has its limits. If your beloved one comes from an avocado farm I sort of get it. Otherwise, I don’t get why you would put your valuable diamond engagement ring in that mushy ripe veggie. Because, trust me: that avocado will get brown(ish) very soon. Since she wants to wear it immediately, you probably are better off without avocado goo on the ring.

avocado proposal Expectation versus reality. Image source: Buzzfeed

Diamond trends that’ll stick

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