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Diamonds from Amsterdam: the Eternal Gift

By Royal Coster Diamonds

The oldest diamond polishing factory in the world. Famous for the repolishing the Koh-I-Noor, its many famous visitors & the Royal 201!

May 2, 2019

Milan is famous for its couture and Geneva for its watches. So what about Amsterdam? Well, there is a reason Amsterdam is “the City of Diamonds” for more than 400 years. To this day, the capital of the Netherlands is the home town of the most beautiful diamonds in the world. The diamond factories in Amsterdam polish authentic rough diamonds into sparkling beauty. Diamonds are a symbol of love. The high quality of an Amsterdam diamond makes it the symbol of eternal love. That’s why diamonds from Amsterdam are a great gift.

a royal 201 diamond on dark background

Who are we?

We are Royal Coster Diamonds, the oldest diamond polishing factory in the world. Since 1840, we create the most stunning diamonds the world has ever seen. We polished many world-famous diamonds, like the Koh-I-Noor and the Star of the South. We also welcomed many famous visitors. Visitors like Empress Sisi, King Rama V, and Prince Hussein Kamel and Prince Tewfik Pasha from Egypt. They came to us to see how the most beautiful diamonds in the word are made.

man holding woman's hand with diamond rings

Royal Diamonds from Amsterdam

Over the years we hit quite a few important milestones. Experts say our own patented diamond shape, “the Royal 201”, is the best diamond cut in the world. The 201 facets reflect the light in a way no other diamond can. This makes it the most sparkling diamond in the world. In 2016, our craftsmanship was awarded the title “Royal” we received from His Majesty King Willem-Alexander. We truly are the diamond choice for kings and queens.

diamond earrings in luxury package from Royal Coster Diamonds

Big beautiful diamond collection

With 20.000 loose diamonds in stock, we have the biggest collection in Europe. In our monumental building in the heart of Amsterdam, we have an extensive collection of diamond jewelry. A lot of our products are unique and one of a kind. That’s how we know we most certainly have something for you. Even if we don’t have it exactly how you want it, we can make it. We have goldsmiths on our premises. They can make your unique diamond jewelry in a very short time. So you can take it with you the same day.

collier made from diamonds and sapphires

Get your Amsterdam diamonds

Already have something in mind? Or do you wonder about the possibilities? Our diamond consultants are here to help. Use the form below or send an email to support@costerdiamonds.com.

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The Royal 201 Collection

The Royal 201 is our patented cut with 201 facets. Many diamond experts consider this the most beautiful diamond cut in the world.

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