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How to Buy a Diamond Online?

By Danielle

Senior diamond consultant; standing by to provide personal advice. She knows exactly what you are looking for while keeping your budget in mind.

November 24, 2020

We often emphasized the importance of seeing a diamond with your own eyes before you purchase it. After all, two diamonds with similar characteristics can look very different. But during these times of COVID-19 with quarantines and (semi-)lockdowns, coming to a store can be difficult. What can you do when you don’t want or can’t go to a physical store to buy a diamond? Perhaps you want to buy a diamond online in that case. However, you want to make sure to do it right. Buy a diamond online with these tips and tricks:

making online purchase

1. Do your homework

Chances are you bought something online that didn’t look anything like the picture. The same can apply to diamonds. Thanks to Photoshop, it is possible to make a “not so okay diamond” look almost flawless. That’s why you should avoid concentrating solely on the pictures. The most important characteristics of a diamond are the 4 C’s of diamond valuation:

These factors determine a diamond’s quality and thus its price. If you already know what you want in terms of carat, color, clarity and cut, it will help you immensely. Especially if you are on a budget, you may want to explore your options beforehand.

diamond with certificateA diamond certificate can help you determine the quality of a diamond.

2. Choose a renowned jeweler

Nowadays, almost everyone can call themselves an online jeweler. It doesn’t matter if they are an established name or someone who sells “diamonds” from their attic. However, buying a diamond online is something you should not take too lightly. It is a serious purchase.

It is important to purchase your diamond at a renowned jeweler. This does not only apply to the moment of purchase, but also for after-sales. So if there is ever anything wrong with your diamond, you should be able to take it back. With a sketchy online jeweler, you can kiss your money goodbye. That is the last thing you want.

shipment for buy a diamond online

Check the warranty or terms & conditions of the online jeweler. These documents help you to find out what your rights are after your purchase. For example about your upgrading options, return period, taxes and shipping information.

3. Ask for photos and videos

If you are about to buy a diamond online, you want to do anything you can to make sure you make the right choice. Don’t hesitate to ask for more pictures or even videos if you want to take a closer look. Photos and videos you see online may be (heavily) photoshopped. But snapping a quick picture with a mobile phone just takes the diamond company a couple of minutes and can give you a good idea about the diamond.

A private diamond showing is the best alternative for seeing diamonds at the store.

Some companies like to go the extra mile for their customers nowadays with online consults. An online consult is a live appointment with a consultant who shows you one or multiple diamonds on a video call. It is not as great as the real deal. But it gives by far the best representation of the product you are about to buy.

Buy a diamond online

Do you want to buy a diamond online? You are welcome to come to our store or book an online consult. Our diamond consultants are standing by – both offline and online. If you tell us your wishes, we make sure you find your perfect piece.

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