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How to Create Your Own Ring From a Picture

By Danielle

Senior diamond consultant; standing by to provide personal advice. She knows exactly what you are looking for while keeping your budget in mind.

January 20, 2016

Couples looking to buy their engagement rings are faced with quite a wide selection of styles and prices. This feels intimidating at times. But even in that sea of choices, one might feel that this selection is just not enough. The proposal is a very special and emotional moment for everyone. That's why you certainly want to do everything right. You probably won’t sweep your partner off their feet with a dull ring three of their friends already have, will you? In that case, you can create your own ring. A ring that sends a clear message to your loved one: a message that says you deeply care about them and truly know their taste.

Create your own ring

A ring that you’ve designed yourself can make all the difference when proposing. You can even forge your own ring – of course, if you have the necessary skills and tools. But this is probably something the majority of people do not have, so it’s best to leave that to the professionals. They will provide you with their valuable expertise, so you know you’re in good hands. Many jewelry retailers will have a dedicated department that deals with special requests for custom jewelry, and they are open for any suggestions you might have. Also, this isn’t just something one partner should do; couples can consult these specialists together, so they are on the same page when it comes to artistic ideas.

Sketch, photo or mold

The first step in getting a custom, one-of-a-kind ring, is consulting a jewelry design specialist. You can give them your own sketch, a photo, or work together with them to come up with the perfect idea. After that comes the creation of a “rough draft”, so to say. Namely, this step involves creating a computer-animated model, or even a wax model, the latter giving you a real feel of what the ring is going to look like. And finally, there’s the casting itself, when your dream ring comes to life.


goldsmith at royal coster placing diamonds

One of a kind rings

If this whole process sounds a bit overwhelming to you, there’s always a more convenient option. Many jewelry retailers offer a range of unique rings, with various styles and prices. This is perfect for those who those who don’t feel particularly artistically inclined, or for those who simply want to speed things up a little bit. Either way, you’re bound to find something that will truly express your feelings for that special person in your life.

Other unique rings

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an engagement ring that can be made uniquely. You can also request custom wedding rings, custom high school class rings – really, any type of ring you can imagine, you can customize it to make it truly one of a kind. The process is pretty much the same as with the engagement rings heating repair glen allen. You make a sketch or a photo of an idea you would like to incorporate into the ring, and take it to a jewelry design specialist. A prototype is then made (either physical or in a digital form), after which comes the forging. Congratulations! You now have your very own bespoke ring.

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