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New Bizarre Ways in Creating a Diamond

By Frank

Highly experienced diamond polisher who loves to share his knowledge with you. Continues to stun his colleagues with interesting - or simply bizarre - facts about diamonds and gems.

November 26, 2020

Diamonds you know and see are often formed deep within the earth about a 180 km below the surface in the upper mantle. But as time went on people started to develop different ways to make “diamonds” of different materials and for different purposes. What you are going to read in this blog are the new different ways in creating a diamond 

Creating a Diamond out of hair and ashes

There are a few companies that developed a way in creating a diamond out of the ashes and hair of your lost loved one. This large innovation invented by a Company in the US  that has now the ability to turn ashes into diamonds.

How they create these diamonds

They create diamonds in a few steps. First, they have to purify the carbon, the carbon is purified by using high heat, no oxygen environment, and inert gas to breakdown the ashes or hair. Then they break down the carbonates to pure carbon in the form of graphite. They ground this graphite into a fine powder and then they send it to diamond growth.

Then they add the personal carbons as well as generic carbon into a diamond growth cell. They place the growth cell in an HPHT machine to replicate the conditions in the earth’s mantle for diamond creation.

When they take the diamond out of the HPHT machine they cut it out of its growth cell. Then they will cut it to the exact carat and shape. First, they use software to determine where the imperfections are so the cutter can cut around them for the best possible diamond clarity. Then once the cutter determines how to cut the diamond to eliminate imperfections, he or she begins by cutting the diamond table.

Once the diamond is cut, it is sent to coloration to transform it to its desired color. Most diamonds will go through an irradiation process to get the desired color. Many diamonds will also go through an HPHT coloration process to brighten the color of the diamond.

The price

This bizarre yet interesting development in creating a diamond is a beautiful way to remember your loved one. But unfortunately also very costly the starting price is about 3000 euro and can lead up to thousands of euro’s more depending on your preference of color and size. So a good alternative would be placing a diamond or other gemstone with emotional value (for example inherited from a loved one) into a beautiful Gold setting made to your taste and size.

Diamond Batteries Made of nuclear waste.

Imagine a cell phone that you never have to recharge. Or a car battery that will last long enough for your grandchildren to use it. A California-based start-up says it’s cleared significant hurdles in its goal to develop a battery that could last up to 28.000 years without ever needing to charge.

How they create a diamond battery

The Nano-diamond battery from NDB, inc is powered by nuclear waste, but its radioactive core is protected by multiple layers of synthetic diamonds. The power that is inside the battery comes from carbon -14 a radioactive isotope. They find carbon-14  in the graphite blocks that they use to moderate reactions in nuclear power plants. They extract the carbon-14 and then they turn it into tiny carbon-14 diamonds that collect and emit a charge. Carbon-14 emits short-range radiation that will be absorbed quickly by any solid material. The material Carbon -14 is dangerous when you touch it with your bare hands. But encased within a Nano-diamond, would not leak.

Release date

How amazing will it be when you will never have to charge your phone or laptop ever again? The company in California says they cleared significant hurdles in its goal to develop the battery. But do not have a specific date when it will be ready to release.

Diamonds made of nuclear emissions

There has been another new development in creating a diamond. A company in the UK  is able to create a diamond from nuclear emissions (atmospheric carbon). The name of the diamonds is Sky Diamonds.

Creating a diamond out of thin air

When it comes to revealing the process it uses to turn atmospheric carbon into diamonds in the UK “sky facility” sky diamond is highly secretive tough it has laid out the fundamentals. Firstly, it said, it extracts carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as gas before liquefying and purifying it. It also splits captured rainwater using a chemical process called hydrolysis to make oxygen and hydrogen.

After using the carbon dioxide and hydrogen to make methane, the company “grows” its diamonds in balls of plasma at temperatures of around 8,000 Celsius.

The sky diamond may sound like a dream, but it has one big downside. It doesn’t have any history in comparison to a nature- made diamond. Nature-made diamonds have a rich history and every single one of them is unique. When you buy one it is truly your diamond and there is not one in the world exactly the same.

Diamonds that are unique and truly your own

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