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The Most Popular Engagement Rings

By Danielle

Senior diamond consultant; standing by to provide personal advice. She knows exactly what you are looking for while keeping your budget in mind.

September 8, 2017

At Royal Coster Diamonds, every day we have the privilege to make someone happy with a diamond engagement ring. Because we are in business for more than 175 years, we have a fair idea about what people like. Every year we see new trends occurring. Yet, the classic engagement rings are still very popular. So we wondered: what is the most popular engagement ring? Of course, our experts are well aware of what the most popular engagement rings at Royal Coster are. But we also felt it was important to take the long view. After hours of surfing the Worldwide Web and many Pinterest boards, Instagram feeds and auction sites later, we found the answer. Though this is not scientific research, we can make a safe assumption of what the most popular engagement ring looks like.

It appeared there are roughly four factors that determine the perfect engagement ring. These factors are the stones, the setting, the metals, and the (diamond) cut.

The most popular stones for an engagement ring

Many people already know diamonds come in all shapes and colors. However, not every woman dreams of a diamond. Engagement rings with gemstones are nowadays also quite popular. Still, the white diamond is the favorite stone for an engagement ring.

1. A big white diamond with multiple small ones

white gold engagement ring with multiple diamonds on wooden table Almost 59% of the women prefer an engagement ring with one central white diamond with small brilliants on the side.

2. One solitaire white diamond

solitaire diamond ring in a red box The timeless classic: a solitaire engagement ring. This traditional engagement ring with one diamond is with a little over 19% still one of the most popular rings. A solitaire ring’s beauty stems from its simplicity.

3. Another stone

gemstone golden ring around finger close up Although it’s still not extremely regular, around 7% chooses for another stone in their engagement ring. Instead of a diamond, they often opt for a gemstone that means something special to the one wearing it. Think for example about a sapphire, an emerald or a ruby.
The last 4% prefers something completely different. The options for engagement rings are endless. They vary from engagement rings with literally hundreds of diamonds to rings without stones. There are just as many options as there are people.

The most popular setting for an engagement ring

The setting is the way a diamond is encrusted to or in the ring. Maybe it’s not the first thing you’d think of, but the setting is an important part of the perfect engagement ring. The setting has a great impact on the overall appearance of the ring.

1. Prong setting or fork setting

diamond engagement ring with prong setting on black background With a prong (or fork) setting, the diamond is attached to the ring by means of prongs. It looks like the prongs lift the stone above the ring. This is the most popular setting for engagement rings. No less than 29% of the women prefer a prong setting. This setting is something you see a lot for solitaire rings.

2. Halo setting

pink background reflection halo diamond ring with princess cut diamond Almost a quarter of the women, 24%, choose a halo setting. Maybe the word halo reminds you of an angel’s aureole. You’re not wrong: that’s what the halo setting is called after. In this setting, one large center diamond (or another gemstone) that is completely surrounded by smaller diamonds. Sometimes, a halo setting is combined with a pave.

3. Pave setting

combination of pave setting with prong and solitaire setting Pave literally means ‘row’. Within a pave setting, the band (the metal) of the ring is encrusted with a row of diamonds. A little over 15% wants this setting. There are different versions of paves. Sometimes half of the band or the entire band is plated with diamonds. This kind of ring is called an entourage or alliance ring. But it is also possible to combine a prong or halo setting with a pave. A pave can give those settings just that little extra va-va-voom and sparkles.

4. Channel setting

two diamond engagement rings with prong setting diamonds incrusted in the metal on purple and grey background Whereas in the other settings, the diamonds are on top of the metal, a channel setting has the diamonds in the metal. This setting makes a ring look smoother than the other settings. The diamonds are also extra secure within a channel setting. They will less easy become damaged this way. Just like at the pave, there are combinations of a channel setting can with a prong or halo. 11% would be the happiest with a channel setting around their finger.
The other 21% of the rings we encountered were in other settings. Apart from the settings mentioned above, there are many others, like the bezel, three-stone, and the bypass setting. It is impossible to name them all.

The most popular metals

Gold is by far the most popular metal for engagement rings. Even back in the days, people used gold for precious rings and other jewelry. Most of the (real) jewelers sell rings of 14 or 18 karat gold. Pure gold is 24 karat, but this is too soft to use for jewelry. To make gold suitable for accessories, it is mixed with other metals. This can be silver, copper, palladium or platinum.

1. White gold

Beautiful white gold diamond engagement ring With a whopping 72%, it’s obvious most women prefer a white gold engagement ring.  This ring can be 14 or 18 karat white gold. 14 karat white gold is made from 58% gold; the rest is palladium or platinum. 18 karat has a higher amount of gold in the mix. This consists for 75% of gold and 25% of palladium or platinum.

2. Platinum

Two platinum rings with diamonds on a wooden background Platina is also a very popular metal for engagement rings. 17% said they would be the happiest with a platinum ring. Platina is rarer and purer than gold. It has also a higher durability and is more exclusive.

3. Yellow gold

Two diamond engagement rings with pear shape and brilliants in yellow gold Despite the popularity of white metals, 5% still wants a traditional yellow gold engagement ring. Just like white gold, yellow gold can be 14 or 18 karats. 14 karat consists for 58% of gold and 18 karats for 75%. The rest is a mix of silver and copper.

4. Rose gold

two rose gold diamond rings one with big brown diamond With a modest 2%, rose gold is also still in the game. Rose gold engagement rings are relatively new but already quite popular. 14 karat rose gold is not very common. This is a mix of 58% gold, copper and a tat of silver. 18 karat rose gold consists for 75% of gold and a mix of copper and silver. The high amount of copper gives the ring a pink hue.
The other few let percents prefer another metal for their engagement ring like silver or titanium.

The most popular diamond cut for engagement rings

The shape of a diamond has a tremendous influence on the feeling of the engagement ring. This is the part of the ring where the feelings and craftsmanship were put into. You can recognize a good engagement ring by the quality of the diamond cut. The most used diamond cuts are brilliant, emerald, princess, marquise, pear, heart, oval, cushion, radiant, Asscher and baguette.

1. Brilliant

brilliant cut diamond ring on dark background The most popular diamond shape, with 55%, is the brilliant cut. This is the “classic” shape of a diamond. Over 95% of all diamonds are brilliant cuts. The round brilliant is beloved for its amazing sparkle. No diamond shape can top this cut sparkling-wise.

2. Princess

princess cut diamond engagement ring on pink background The second place belongs to the princess cut. This one receives 20% of the votes. The square shape can best be appreciated in a solitaire ring, but also looks good in a pave setting.

3. Emerald

big emerald diamond on engagement ring around finger The emerald cut received a huge amount of popularity since celebrities started wearing them. Only the purest diamonds are suitable for emerald cuts because even the tiniest spots are incredibly visible. This makes it also one of the most expensive diamond cuts.

4. Cushion

two diamond engagement rings one with cushion diamond on light wooden background A beautiful square cut with rounded edges. It’s one of the oldest cuts in the world. The cushion owes its name to its resemblance to – yes, indeed – a cushion. Especially in vintage rings, this shape looks marvelous. That is why 4% of all women adore the cushion cut the most.

5. Asscher

Asscher cut diamond in solitaire ring on white background This Dutch design is popular all over the world. The shape looks like a square emerald cut. Though it is nowadays less popular than before, it is still worth mentioning since 3% of the women prefer an Asscher cut diamond.
In the remaining 6%, you find all the other engagement ring diamond cuts.

Now, what is the most popular engagement ring?

Even though it will never be 100% accurate, the data suggest the most popular engagement ring looks like this:
The ring has a prong setting in white gold. It should contain a couple of white diamonds, like in a halo or a pave. These are in addition to the big white brilliant diamond in the center. Let’s face it: that sounds pretty stunning.

The most popular engagement ring has a royal 201 diamond and many brilliant cut diamonds around it. Of course, it’s not all about popularity. The most important thing is that the engagement ring fits you and your partner. Your diamond engagement ring shows it is made with love. A diamond cut with attention and craftsmanship is a hard condition for the best engagement ring.

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