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Precautions Regarding the Coronavirus

By Royal Coster Diamonds

The oldest diamond polishing factory in the world. Famous for the repolishing the Koh-I-Noor, its many famous visitors & the Royal 201!

September 1, 2020

COVID-19 has the world in its grip. We are now trying to find our way from an "intelligent lockdown" into the "New Normal". This also applies to Royal Coster Diamonds. You were always used to our 'Royal Service'. But how will we provide this now, at the time of Corona? Don’t worry. Of course, you still receive the service you are used to from us. However, we took a number of measures to protect you and ourselves.

Coster is open

At the start of the corona crisis, we were closed for a few weeks. But we are open again for quite some time now. Just like before, you can visit us 7 days a week. We’re open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Tours: walk-in or by appointment

At Coster, it is always possible to walk in without an appointment. However, it is more pleasant for us and you if you schedule an appointment in advance. For example, you can book a free tour online, book a Royal Experience, or request a free consultation. By booking a tour, guided tour, or consultation in advance, we can take your wishes more into account. For example, we can more easily guarantee that your preferred language is available.

Guided tours

Our tours are pretty much the same as before. You will be received by a guide. He or she explains all aspects of diamonds and diamond cutting. Of course, you will learn about the fascinating history of the City of Diamonds and Coster itself. You also get to see real diamonds in a private showroom and have the opportunity to buy jewelry.

All this takes place at a distance of 1.5 meters. Our guides do not shake hands (anymore) and will not touch you. We have several “explanation stations” in the polishing room. These stations are many meters apart. This allows different groups to enjoy an explanation at the same time.


As you know, we also give workshops such as the Diamond Masterclass. This is a 1-on-1 experience where you learn to polish your own diamond yourself. These workshops are given at a distance of 1.5 meters. The master polisher provides a safe workplace where you can work 1.5 meters from him or her. From a distance, he or she gives tips and directions. If you nevertheless want the polisher to provide feedback from closer by, he or she will wear a face mask.

Other internal corona precautions

Our safety and that of our visitors is a priority. That is why we took a number of extra precautions in line with the coronavirus:

Disinfect your hands

There is a disinfection machine upon arrival. We request every customer to disinfect his or her hands before entering the polishing area and showrooms. If you want a face mask, you can get it for free at our reception.

Increased distance between polishers

Whereas our diamond polishers used to work side by side, there is now at least one work station (more than 1.5 meters) between two polishers

Increased distance between goldsmiths

To the goldsmiths, the same applies as to the polishers. Here, too, there is a distance of at least one work station (at least 1.5 meters) is guaranteed.

Screens in open showrooms

Like many shops, we also have plexiglass screens in our open showrooms. This allows the seller to show you diamonds up close and minimizes the risk of contamination.

Reminders throughout the buildings

Throughout our buildings, there are large blue stickers on the floors and on the windows. This indicates as a reminder that a distance of 1.5 meters must be kept.

Extra options

During the intelligent lockdown, we launched a new option: the online consult.

Should you prefer not to come to Amsterdam despite our precautions? Then of course we fully understand. The online diamond consultation is the perfect option for you. You can schedule this via our website. One of our diamond consultants contacts you by means of video calling (such as WhatsApp or Zoom). During the video call, he or she can show you a number of articles. Of course, you can indicate in advance what products you are interested in. But this is also possible if you only want an exploratory meeting. Our advisors always try to show the quality of the diamonds as good as possible. If you want to admire the product (later) in real life, we will prepare it for you during a private appointment. We also offer international shipping.

At Royal Coster, we value your safety. If you are missing any precautions, please let us know. We hope to welcome you soon. Whether this is in real life or online: our diamond consultants are standing by. Or book a tour now.

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