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Press Release: Royal Coster Reopens Doors

By Royal Coster Diamonds

The oldest diamond polishing factory in the world. Famous for the repolishing the Koh-I-Noor, its many famous visitors & the Royal 201!

April 21, 2020

AMSTERDAM – 21 April 2020, after 5 weeks Royal Coster Diamonds reopens her doors to the public tomorrow on the 22nd of April. Because of the Coronavirus, Royal Coster closed its doors temporarily. It was still possible to come in to buy diamonds, but only for those who booked an (online) appointment. We felt we should only reopen when we can guarantee the safety and health of our staff and customers. Fortunately, we implemented a set of new rules and regulations to do so.

1.5-meter distance remains crucial

In line with the RIVM guidelines, we only allow groups of a maximum of 2 people in. It will be possible there are several of these small parties inside the buildings. But we always make sure everyone maintains 1,5-meter distance. This applies to other visitors and our staff members. Safety is our highest priority. Therefore, we applied lines on the floors to make keeping distance easier.

Diamond tours

It is still possible to book a diamond tour, such as a Royal Experience or a Free Guided Tour. Note that several aspects of these tours are changed. There are fewer people at the reception. Therefore, it may take a bit longer before you are welcomed inside. Our guides do not give handshakes anymore and keep a professional distance, but they still give you the warm welcome you are used from us.

One of the highlights of the diamond tours is seeing real diamond polishers at work. Because of the distancing rules, there are currently fewer diamond polishers in. You can still see them at work but from a bit bigger distance. Since it is not possible to take a close-up look, we made videos that show the craft up-close. The goldsmiths work from behind glass walls; you can still go near them.

Making purchases

Looking at products and the purchase of diamonds and diamond jewelry is done in private showrooms. Our consultants maintain distance and won’t hand you items directly. They rather slide them across the counter.

Other regulations

Everything we do is in the context of preventing the coronavirus from spreading. Colleagues who are not feeling well don’t come to work. To keep everything running smoothly, we encourage visitors to book tours and appointments online. This way, we know how many people we can expect and let in. It is also still possible to book an online diamond consult. Our diamond consultants can talk to you via the website chat, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp or video calls.

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