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Spring in Amsterdam

By Janette

Marketeer and social media expert who just "happens" to speak Chinese fluently. Moved to the capital one year ago and shares her Amsterdam discoveries with you.

March 21, 2019

After the brisk snowy winter season we had, the spring’s finally breaking through! The canals thaw and a fairly nice spring breeze blows through the city. Musicians are performing again on the streets and they let the people hear their greatest masterpieces.  Amsterdam is living again and you notice that everywhere you go. If you’re still looking for an excuse to visit Amsterdam in the spring, here it is.

City Center of Amsterdam

Thanks to its wonderful architecture, Amsterdam is one of the best cities to visit in spring. No matter how often you walk alongside the canals, the view of the 17th-century Golden Age houses never bores you. The soft glow of the evening sun through the streets makes you feel like you traveled back in time. The arched bridges create the perfect spot to stop and take it all in for a second.

bike at amsterdam canal

Social Activities

Besides strolling around, there is enough opportunity to participate in activities. Amsterdam doesn’t need a reason to celebrate; therefore there are tons of events and parties anytime, anywhere.  However, there are some planned events this spring which you should definitely consider attending.
For example the Tulip Festival. In the months of April and May, tulips bloom in gardens, parks, squares, museums, and other institutions. They contain the most beautiful colors which create a magnificent view. You should take this opportunity to have a picnic with your loved one(s) and enjoy a colorful lunch for free.
If you love flowers, you should definitely visit de Keukenhof. It is a beautiful spring park, which displays more than seven million tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. During the spring period, there are weekly changing flower shows, seven inspirational gardens and hundreds of works of art.

keukenhof in de lente


Spring is the season of intimate brunches with your loved ones. Especially Easter brunches. Amsterdam gives the opportunity for you to have a whole new Easter experience. Visit one of the beautiful ancient restaurants in Amsterdam, where they serve authentic festive brunches. Or take your lover on a boat trip for about 2 – 2.5 hours while you enjoy the food and each other’s company. In case you plan on bringing the kids along, you should visit one of the many play farms in Amsterdam. At these farms, the children have the opportunity to look for eggs whilst petting the animals, or perhaps feed a newborn lamb.

easter brunch amsterdam canals


We celebrate Koningsdag (Kingsdag) on the 27th of April. You may wonder: what exactly is Koningsdag? Koningsdag is the day the Netherlands celebrate our king’s birthday. During Koningsdag everyone dresses up in as much orange clothing as they can find. They may even paint the Dutch flag on their face.  The canals are filled with boats and you can find flea markets everywhere. However, if you can’t wait for Koningsdag, luckily there is also Koningsnacht (Kingsnight). The night before Koningsdag there are many parties and events going on in the cities which you can attend.

king's day in amsterdam

Liberation Day

Every year on the 5th of May the Dutch celebrate the end of World War in May 1945. In addition to this historic moment, the Netherlands also greatly values freedom, democracy and human rights on this day. Throughout the Netherlands, there are several Liberation-festivals. These festivals have an extensive music program and large acts that are all about freedom. What makes the festivals even more attractive? The entrance to the festivals is free of charge!
Furthermore, you can decide to visit Jewish houses, attend freedom meals or go to “Concert op de Amstel”. If you are lucky, you might even spot our King and Queen at this concert.

liberation day in amsterdam

Visit Amsterdam this spring

There is more than enough to do when visiting in Amsterdam. It is only a matter of planning! At Royal Coster Diamonds we are more than happy to help you plan your dream trip to Amsterdam. Ask our country managers or travel department for more information about the mentioned activities. They will overflow you with (new) ideas to make your trip to Amsterdam one to remember forever.

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