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Is the stackable ring a trend or is it here to stay?

By Danielle

Senior diamond consultant; standing by to provide personal advice. She knows exactly what you are looking for while keeping your budget in mind.

March 26, 2021

Is the stackable ring a trend or is it here to stay? We see a lot of photos with hands full of stackable rings. ‘’More is less’’ is the credo. What you probably don’t know is that these rings exist for many centuries. In paintings out of the 16th century, royalties were wearing rings on each finger. The first time that the stackable ring was seen was at the end of the 19th century when engagement rings and wedding rings were worn together. In this blog, you will read more about the history and trends of the stackable ring.

What is a stackable ring?

A stackable ring is a specially made ring to shove as a simple ring over your fingers. Golden yellow is the most common color of the ring but comes regularly in the colors rose gold, white gold, and silver.  

The history of the stackable ring

The stackable ring is inspired by the gimmel ring. This is a ring with three hoops that fit together to form one ring. The gimmel ring was first seen around the 17th century. Back then, they were meant to be wedding rings. The bride and groom wore these rings during courting days. When they gave each other their ‘’yes’’, the groom gave his ring to the bride and she wore these rings for the rest of her life.

In the 20th century, stackable rings were mainly worn as a wedding ring, together with the engagement ring. At that time, engagement rings were made of a small, golden band and a diamond with a high claw setting. The wedding ring, on the other hand, contains a simple golden band. Therefore, these rings were perfect to combine. Later, the wearing of stackable rings gets some creativity. The eternity ring is the perfect example of this creativity. This ring characterizes itself due to diamonds all over the ring.

Audrey Hepburn and the stackable ring

Audrey Hepburn, one of the greatest style icons of the 20th century, was married to actor and film director Mel Ferrer. He knew Hepburn so well and remembered her preferences for a classic and delicate look. During their holiday in Switzerland, Ferrer gave the engagement ring; an eternity band of baguette-cut diamonds from the House of Gübelin.

‘’Life is a party, dress like it’’ – Audrey Hepburn

Hepburn received two wedding bands that she could wear with the diamond eternity band: they had a faceted texture and one was in white gold and the other in rose gold. However, when Hepburn was photographed with her rings, she was only wearing one at a time. It seemed that Hepburn traded off instead of tripled up.

The popularity and trends in stackable rings

The stackable ring is popular because the combinations are endless and that can be seen on Facebook and Instagram. The trend started in the nineties when small rings were created with designs of flowers, hearts, and the use of small gemstones. These rings were so thin that they became more affordable and can easily be worn on one finger. Below you will find some trends in stackable rings.

The rainbow jewelry trend

This season you will be introduced to the rainbow jewelry trend. This trend is distinguished by small gold rings with different colored gemstones, creating a colorful combination around the fingers.

The delicate chainring

Chainrings are also a popular way to give yourself a more delicate look. The person who stands out with the delicate chainrings is Meghan Markle. She is often photographed with these types of stackable rings. Because they are so small and delicate, you can wear 6 or 7 rings at the same time.

Geometric gemstone

The latest trend that is seen more often is the trend of geometric gemstones. This is when the shapes of the gemstones fit together seamlessly. They are now widely worn as a wedding and engagement ring.

How do you combine stackable rings in the best way?

For the desired result, it is best to choose rings that have the same shape but contain different gemstones or metals. When you wear it on the same hand, the rings will undoubtedly draw attention.

You don’t have to worry that the styles don’t match. The rings are specially designed to connect seamlessly. They fit perfectly no matter which combination you choose, so you can be as creative as you want.

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