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The Rainbow Jewelry Trend

By Danielle

Senior diamond consultant; standing by to provide personal advice. She knows exactly what you are looking for while keeping your budget in mind.

September 7, 2020

Although, classic gold/silver or diamond jewelry will remain essential in most of our jewelry collections. We might want to try something different. The rainbow jewelry trend might just be the right solution. Although you might have already heard of it, it is still trending in 2020.

What is rainbow jewelry?

Rainbow jewelry contains all kinds of colorful gemstones and possible colored diamonds as well. They come in all kinds of different jewelry; earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Although, colored gemstones might be extravagant. It is possible to provide a contrast with a simple design. Rainbow jewelry can be both subtle but at the same time make a statement. It is up to you, where you want to emphasize. Royal Coster Diamonds got along with the trend and has a variety of rainbow jewelry Beneath you see some of our pieces, a rainbow ring twist, and a rainbow ring single.


Two rainbow rings trend

Left: the rainbow ring twist with fancy colored sapphires and diamonds in rose gold. Right: the rainbow ring single. 

Why rainbow jewelry?

It is something else! The mix of different colors gives a fun and lively impression. When you cannot decide what color or gemstones you prefer the most, this is the solution. Rainbow jewelry contains all kinds of colors. Besides that, you can wear the rainbow jewelry together with your essentials to provide contrast. Furthermore, the use of different colors makes sure rose, yellow and white gold can be used for the frame. Of course, it is one of the most recent trends and thus you should not miss out on it.

Rainbow bracelet with diamonds and sapphires in rose gold. 

Pros and Cons

Besides other jewelry trends, the rainbow jewelry trend also has some pros and cons. We will highlight some for you.

The Pros

1: You can wear them every day

The rainbow jewelry trend is already known and used by many of us. The jewelry fits every outfit and is not too extravagant or remarkable. Therefore, it fits every occasion.

2: Completes the outfit

Because of the different color schemes, it matches every outfit. It could add sparkle and joy to your date night outfit. On the other side, it could add just that extra touch to your daily T-shirt and jeans outfit.


rainbow jewelry trend


Might come across too playful

Some might say it is not suitable for every age. The trend might be more focused on a younger age segment. Of course, that is an opinion and everyone can wear whatever they want. Thus, even men might be interested in this trend.

Get your own rainbow jewelry

Rainbow jewelry is a must-have to complete your collection with. The mix of colors really pops out and adds more sparkle. It is an everyday item, so it won’t stay in your jewelry box for too long. If you are interested in buying a rainbow piece, please contact our diamond consultants. They will be happy to help you in finding the right piece. Of course, you can always check out our website for a part of the assortment we offer.

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