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Unveiling of a Life-Size Miffy at Royal Coster Diamonds

By Robert

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November 13, 2017

AMSTERDAM – Last Friday afternoon on November 10, 2017, Robert ten Brink revealed the iconic mosaic image of miffy at Royal Coster Diamonds.  Around 5 pm, Dutch TV personality Robert ten Brink revealed the two-meter-high statue of one of the most famous Dutch images of all times. The designer of Royal Coster’s miffy, is the renowned Amsterdam artist Fabrice Hünd.

Robert ten Brink interviewing Fabrice Hund
Fabrice Hund with miffy

A Dutch Tribute

The new statue is a real eye catcher at the Museum Square and a beautiful tribute to the earlier this year deceased creator of miffy (Dutch: nijntje), Dick Bruna. Moreover, it’s a unique combination of two entirely different subjects that are both characteristic for the Netherlands: miffy and diamonds. The Dutch bunny is famous all over the world. And for centuries, people come to Amsterdam for the most beautiful diamonds. That’s why Amsterdam’s nickname is “the City of Diamonds”. Therefore, this mosaic sparkling statue is a true representation of a Dutch legacy.

our royal miffy statue

Official sponsor Unicef

By using the trademark “nijntje” (miffy), Royal Coster Diamonds became an official sponsor of Unicef. The beloved children’s icon is inseparably connected to this foundation. We are very proud to be a part of an organization that helps children in need all around the world.


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