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The Year of the Dog

By Janette

Marketeer and social media expert who just "happens" to speak Chinese fluently. Moved to the capital two years ago and shares her Amsterdam discoveries with you.

February 15, 2018

The Dog is the eleventh sign of the Chinese zodiac. According to one of the myths, this stems from the Jade Emperor. He determined the order of the zodiac signs by the order the animals entered his party. When the party started, the Monkey, the Rooster, and the Dog were in another country. They were helping the gods to fight bad spirits. When they were done, they were taken to the party. Because they arrived at the same time, the emperor kept the order in which these three had met the Supreme God. This is how the Dog became the eleventh animal in the zodiac calendar.

The Dog is associated with

  • – The hours 7-9 in the evening
  • – Yang in terms of Yin and Yang
  • – Honest and faithful: Dogs are the most loyal friends and the most reliable partners

In China, it is still popular to call Dogs “Wàng cái”. It means “prosperous wealth” and comes from the barking sounds Dogs make: “Wàng Wàng”.

little girl holding a dog while reading book

The most recent years of the Dog are 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018. People born in these years have the Dog as their Chinese zodiac sign. The most important characteristic of the Dog is his loyalty. He will never leave his friends, family or work. He is honest and popular: everyone should have a Dog as a friend. They are always there for you and are steady and tenacious

Men born in the year of the Dog

Men born in the year of the Dog are straightforward and real. They are energetic and a bit pessimistic. Dogs are always ready to correct another. They do not necessarily want to show their knowledge but find it important to let others learn from their mistakes. Dogs are real family people: therefore their stubbornness does not belong in their family situation. They will always seek the compromise and provide a balanced family life.

man and woman running outside with their dog

Women born in the year of the Dog

Women born in the year of the Dog are cautious. They can be indifferent to people who they don’t like and are not quick to trust someone. But once you win their trust, it is forever and they’d walk over broken glass for you. Female Dogs protect their friends and family. They are intelligent and independent, love the ‘great outdoors’ and nature. They are very hard workers and do not give up before they reach their goal. Security, safety, and a stable income are their motivations for their careers.

Dogs born in 2018

The Dogs that are born this year will be stubborn and never give up. They will not be too connected the world and the community, but are free spirits. Despite their stubbornness, they will still be respectful to others and believe that hard work will be rewarded.

Who do Dogs go best with?

Dogs deal best with Rabbits, Tigers, and Horses. With Rabbits because of their kindness, Tigers for confirmation and Horses because of the mutual respect for their opinions.

Dragons, Oxes, and Goats do not cooperate well with the Dog. With the Dragon, it’s because of differences in understandings. It is difficult to deal with the Ox because of different interests. The Goat is tolerated by the Dog, but they won’t get along great either.

crystal dog and diamond emerald cut

The Dog’s lucky charms

The colors Green, Red, and Purple and the numbers 3, 4, and 9 bring happiness to the Dog. The gemstone emerald does the same and is directly linked to the ’emerald’ cut. For Dogs, the ’emerald cut’ is the cut that will give him the most happiness. The wind directions north and northwest are good for prosperity. A southeast wind is good for prosperity and southerly wind for love. Dogs better stay away from blue and brown and the numbers 1, 7, 8. These would cause misfortune.

Dogs at work

Dogs are faithful and will do what you say. They put a lot of energy into the tasks they get. Because they like to be better than others, they aspire to have a challenging job. They are sensitive to details and have a healthy mistrust against people with a high status. Despite their strong persuasion, Dogs prefer to stay in the background. They want to get to know someone well before they trust that person. Jobs like referees, lawyers or journalists suit Dogs well.

man working with dog in his lap

Health and lifestyle

Dogs are generally very healthy, but if they are sick they can hide the symptoms well. Nevertheless, Dogs must pay attention to their digestion. Their biggest stumbling block is an unhealthy diet in their youth. Once at work the Dogs are always busy. This can lead to stress with headaches and migraines as a result. Dogs need to move a lot to stay healthy and take regular breaks during exercise. Yoga is, therefore, the perfect sport for them.

The year of the Dog in 2018

The Year of the Dog according to the Western calendar starts on February 16, 2018, and ends on February 4, 2019. It can be a dangerous year for the Dog. Problems can arise from all angles. Work won’t be without problems and financially it can become risky too. For Dogs, it can also be difficult to communicate with their loved ones. Dogs should stay in the background this year to stay out of trouble. “Think before you do” is the motto for this year.

Also on a social level, life doesn’t run smoothly for the Dog. Both at home and abroad there will be many differences of opinion. It is important to continue to communicate well with their partner, otherwise, it can hurt his relationship. In general, you can say that this year for the Dogs there is one to sit out. The habit of wearing red underwear during their year of the zodiac is not a bad idea for the Dog. Every bit of good luck is very welcome. Fortunately, there is still a bright spot: after this year there will be a long stable period for the Dogs.

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