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Buying a Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

January 20, 2016/ BY Coster Diamonds

The wedding day is said to be one of the most important days in a person’s life. The two tie the knot, promising each other to walk through the fun as well as the hard times that may come. They are in love and ready to face the world. However, there is another important moment before all this can take place—the proposal! Without the others ‘Yes’ your future is uncertain. So, to make the moment as perfect as possible, you will have to make some serious effort and look for the perfect ring to dazzle your beloved one with as you pop the question.


The purchase of an engagement ring is a huge deal. It is not simply a piece of jewelry for your future partner, who is not just going to wear it once in a blue moon. No, they will spend the rest of their lifes wearing the diamond you chose that day. It is a symbol of love and commitment. So, not to put too much pressure on the one buying the ring, but knowing exactly what your partner likes does help. Another great tip would be to learn everything there is to know about the different diamond cuts, designs, colors and quality and match all of that with her personality. (It sure is a daunting task…)

Thus, after guessing or finding out what they prefer ring wise, and if it just happens to be A Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring, you are in luck! Royal Coster Diamonds offers a beautiful variety of diamond solitaires. The term “solitaire” refers to a single diamond placed into the crown of the ring. There are no other diamonds or gems surrounding it. It is a simple, yet graceful and classy design, but also a safe choice for clueless future fiancées, who are having difficulty deciding on the perfect style.

No matter what the size of the diamond, it always starts out as a rough, uneven stone, which is handled by master diamond cutters, who can then shape it into specific designs. The Solitaire diamond comes in different shapes and sizes. Some of these designs are the Round solitaire – round brilliant cut diamond, Princess solitaire – square princess cut diamond, Emerald cut solitaire – rectangular step cut diamond, Oval solitaire – akin to the round brilliant but a bit elongated, Marquise solitaire – boat or tear shaped with pointed ends, Heart solitaire – the most romantic heart shaped cut.

The diamond’s glow depends on various aspects. The cut or design plays a crucial role in how much light the diamond will reflect. The height of the crown also determines the amount of light the diamond will absorb. Our master diamond cutters dedicate a lot of time and prudent work to create the most dazzling pieces. So, no matter what cut you and your beloved one opt for, brilliance is guaranteed. The ring itself also comes in various golden editions, such as white or yellow gold as well we platinum.

Royal Coster Diomons has been around for decades—it is the oldest polishing factory that ever existed. We have over 400.000 visitors a year. Customers trust our master diamond experts, who can help you choose the perfect ring for that one special day. Rely on our expertise and great quality to avoid the stress and enjoy the wonderful once-in-a-lifetime moment. Whether it is a 1,10 carat or 6,14 carat diamond you opt for, the Diamond Solitaire will sure bring an unforgettable smile to your beloved’s face.

And do not forget; love comes above all, and Royal Coster Diamonds will only add to the beauty of it all.

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