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Corporate Responsibility

The 4 monumental villas of Coster Diamonds are located in the heart of Amsterdam, between the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum.

Our master craftsmen and women have been creating the most wonderful diamond jewelry and precious diamonds since 1840 for royals around the world. Now you and your loved one can become a part of that legacy.



A diamond represents love

A diamond is a physical manifestation of the feelings of love and affection the giver has for the new owner. They be able to go on a journey that starts millions of years ago and ends on the finger of your loved one.

A remarkable and beautiful experience.

The Engagement Workshop

Our engagement workshop has been developed for couples who want to learn more about diamonds or are preparing for an engagement or anniversary.

Buying an engagement ring is special by itself and adding the experience of education and polishing a diamond by yourself then you will make it truly an unforgettable experience.


Free guided tour in your own language

You will get a bost or hostess who will explain the origins of diamonds in your own language.  The host show you some of the world’s most fascinating diamond artifacts, like the Koh-I-Noor which we polished for the British royals in 1853.

Polish your own diamond

You will sit behind the polishing disk together with an experienced master diamond polisher.  In order to show you how to polish a diamond up close and personal. You will perhaps even get a chance to polish a facet on a real diamond yourself!


A beauty that lasts for centuries

Then after all this excitement you will be taken to our luxurious V.I.P. room, in witch you will see a collection of loose diamonds and diamond jewelry  to choose from.  Then ending the experience with a glass of champagne.


Book an engagement workshop

So contact our diamond consultants now, in order to make sure you and your loved one turn the process of selecting a diamond engagement ring into one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences of your lives together.  Then we will make sure we only present diamond jewelry within your budget. We can even help you with everything else you might need while visiting Amsterdam. A hotel arrangements and other romantic experiences. The price is € 250,- but this will always be discounted from the diamond (ring) you purchase.

Royal Coster Diamonds