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Our In-House Sustainability is a Team Effort

Besides providing sustainable diamonds, we also strive to be an environmentally friendly diamond polishing factory in any way we can. We believe every green step, no matter how big or small, can help to achieve this goal. We applaud colleagues who come up with new ecological ideas. And of course we will try to find out how we can realize these ideas. A few of these initiatives:

Climate Control

Winters in Amsterdam can be quite cold and summers can be hot. We try to keep our indoors comfortable in a ‘natural’ way as long as possible. This means during summer, we open the windows instead of cranking up the airco right away. We only turn on the heater or cooler when it’s necessary. That is why we also make sure these machines are off at nighttime. About half an hour before the last one will leave, we turn off the heater or cooler (and all lights) in the office. When we know certain rooms aren’t’ going to be used that day, we won’t turn the heater nor cooler on in there in the first place.

Food & Drinks

We don’t have cafeteria food. To avoid having to throw away leftovers every day, we all bring our own lunch boxes. We use real cutlery instead of plastic so we can reuse them and don’t have to throw them away. In the offices, we use our own mugs and glasses. The disposable cups are of from recycled paper.

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Waste separation

In all of our offices and in our canteen, we try to separate waste as good as possible. We have, for example, separate bins for paper and plastic waste. If we print something that is not correct, we try to reuse the empty sides of it as notepads if possible.

Everything printed

We only collaborate with organizations that work with FSC-approved materials. The Forest Stewardship Council examines the international paper production and keeps the environmental, social and economic interests well balanced. This means our printed matter is not treated with any chemical cleaning products that are bad for the environment. To work with organizations that exclusively use FSC-approved paper, we contribute to a cleaner tomorrow.

We always try to find new ways to become greener and cleaner. If you have an idea to help us with this, please let us know!

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