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Our award winning diamond consultants help you select the best diamond jewellery for any budget.
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Royal Coster Diamonds

Royal VIP Service

Royal Coster Diamonds has a rich and long list of customers. They often have been purchasing diamond jewelry with us for generations.

We are proud to be the primary source of diamond jewelry for:

celebrities, royalty, captains of industry

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Diamond consultants

Exclusive diamonds-on-demand exclusive service

Our diamond consultants are highly trained and experienced experts in the field of diamond jewelry. This goes beyond ´trends´ or ´style´. But means we can give honest and sound advice which diamond fits which occasion.

Largest collection of unset diamonds in Europe

They have access to the largest collection of unset diamonds in Europe. If you are looking for a large or unique diamond, we probably have it in stock right here. Our country managers can deliver it directly to you wherever you are in the world.

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Discreet and personal

V.I.P rooms

At Royal Coster Diamond we have several V.I.P rooms available with their own discreet entry. We have welcomed many VIP’s here and although we are very proud of their ongoing business we will never disclose who they are.

One stop shopping

Because we are a diamond polishing factory we are a one stop shopping location. From rough diamond to crown jewel; Royal Coster offers everything discretely and efficiently.

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Purchase diamonds

A Royal treatment

Looking to purchase diamonds in Amsterdam? Contact our diamond consultants and we will arrange for limousine service from the airport. Our personal consultants can arrange for everything else you might need, while staying in Amsterdam, as well.

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Standing by

Our country managers

Besides our diamond consultants we have country managers available 24/7 for each part of the world. They can come to you and show you our diamond jewelry or help you select the perfect piece for any occasion.

The Royal service

Contact us to learn more and experience The Royal service we have been known for by our clients for more than 175 years.

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Royal Coster Diamonds