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Free Worldwide Diamond Shipping: Remote Buying

We often talked about the importance of seeing a diamond with your own eyes before making a purchase. After all, two diamonds with the exact same specifications can look entirely different. We love to welcome you in our monumental buildings in Amsterdam. However, we also understand this is not always possible. That is why we arrange free worldwide shipping for orders over €1,500. Of course, this comes with the same Royal Coster service.

Remote buying

At Royal Coster, the customer is king. This means that even when you’re remote buying, our diamond consultants are standing by. We have so-called private diamonds showings. With online video calls, they show you the jewelry live so you can make an informed decision nonetheless.

online diamond showing

Shipping methods

Buying diamonds and diamond jewelry is special. Therefore, shipping diamonds and jewelry also feels extra attention. We ship with established delivery companies (e.g. FedEx and DHL) and we have two shipping types:

  1. For orders below €1,500, we ship your order for free by means of a courier service.
  2. For orders below €1,500, we ship your order by means of registered mail. For these orders, the customer pays the shipping costs. It is also possible to request a courier service for orders below 1,500 euros but it comes with an additional fee.

For both methods, shipping is always insured.

diamond jewelry parcel

Quality control

All shipments are carefully packed and checked by hand. Diamonds are our business, so we don’t want to leave anything to chance. Your personal diamond consultant checks all the stones in the jewelry. He or she makes sure your jewelry is polished and you’re greeted by a sparkle when you open the box.

Every shipment is a present

You don’t buy jewelry every day. When you buy something at Royal Coster, you buy something special. That’s why we make sure that your shipment looks like the true gift that it is. Whether you purchased something for yourself or someone else. Our iconic dark blue box and gold ribbon make it even more special to unwrap your present.

coster box gift unwrapping

Estimated shipping time

We always strive to make sure your order reaches you as fast as possible. Usually, it takes 4 business days for your package to arrive anywhere in the world. However, the estimated shipping time depends on different factors. For example, your location and your order. Customized orders take a little longer before they are ready for shipment. Orders outside the EU take longer than orders within the European Union. Your personal diamond consultant can tell you how long it takes before you can unwrap that beloved blue box.

diamond consultant with packages

Additional information about international shipping

International customers are responsible for any duties, VAT taxes or surcharges levied or charged by their country. Please check with your local authorities prior to placing your order to confirm taxes and duties. Do you want to know more about our international shipping possibilities? Our diamond consultants are standing by to help you.

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