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Diamond Product Care

Diamonds and diamond jewelry should last a lifetime. When you first get your diamond piece, you are probably very careful. The longer you wear it, the more you get used to it. That’s when something might happen. Here are some diamond product care tips to make sure your jewelry keeps that sparkle you fell in love with.

1. Handle with care

Hold a diamond by the main part of the metal, not the setting or the diamond. Make sure you take it off when doing work that might endanger it. Diamond is the hardest material on earth, but it can still get dirty or even chip. So make sure you always treat your diamond with care.

2. Scratches happen

A diamond can only be set in max. 18 karat gold. Gold that is too soft or too hard, won’t hold a diamond as well. However, this means the gold is soft enough to get scratched. But don’t worry, a professional jeweler can easily clean your ring and remove the scratches. At Royal Coster, we do this free of charge.

woman wearing diamond ring folded hands

3. No chemicals!

There are a lot of chemicals in everyday products that can affect your diamond piece. Especially rings face dangers! So take them off when you use hairspray, wash the dishes or take a shower. This is how your diamond stays bright and shining for a long time.

4. How to clean?

When a diamond starts to lose a little sparkle, it’s time to clean it. Soak it in a bath of water and ammonia (4/5 water; 1/5 ammonia) for no more than 10 minutes and it will come out sparkly clean. Use a cloth to dry instead of paper or a cold air blow dryer. Of course, we can also clean it for you for free.

cleaning a diamond ring with a soft toothbrush

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