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De Pijp: From Industrial Residential Center to Hotspot

July 12, 2017/ BY Robert

Royal Coster Diamonds is located at the Museum Square in Amsterdam. Our factory is here since the early 70’s. Before then, we were located at the Waterlooplein in Amsterdam – where the Stopera is currently situated. The factory that is not there anymore, set an example for other diamond factories that would be built in Amsterdam later on.

In the past, diamond factories were all over the city, but a real concentration of factories was definitely in De Pijp. Royal Asscher and Van Moppes are great examples of these factories. However, there are many more old diamond factories preserved in this neighborhood, for example in the Ruysdael Street. Though this area is nowadays a real Amsterdam hotspot, it used to be a workers district. Many of the diamond polishers used to live here.

old houses at De Pijp

Royal Coster and “de Pijp”

Royal Coster has strong ties with De Pijp. In 1995, Royal Coster took the diamond factory Van Moppes over. Until 2005, Van Moppes was located here. Today the building is still in use. It is not a diamond factory anymore but a hotel.  

De Pijp now

Nowadays there are many nice eateries in De Pijp and there’s a market with a wide range of international fresh goods. De Pijp is a very popular area in the housing market. Because of this, small stores are popping up here like mushrooms. De Pijp is some sort of “test kitchen” for new ideas that are later implemented throughout the entire city.

Even though De Pijp is currently a major building place, will this change soon. In a few years, when the North-South metro line is done, De Pijp will restore its old glory.

Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam

The Park

Another precious gem is the Sarphati Park. The low-lying park below the old polder level is a gathering place for locals. It’s a delightful place for children to play, but also for people who want to enjoy the nice summer weather. On the soft grass or under the trees are beloved places to spend a lazy afternoon outside.    

The future

Royal Coster will always have a strong bond with De Pijp. This is partly because the Museum Square is adjacent to the Pijp. Moreover, it is also because the Amsterdam diamond industry basically started here. We still have warm contacts with this neighborhood and our colleagues from other polishing factories.

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