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18K Polished WG Bracelet with Pave Diamond Set

SKU No. 40235129

This is a pleasing 18 k White gold bracelet with a handsome design. Half of the bracelet has a tunnel-like appearance with a ring covering regular intervals of that tunnel. The other half consists of two cucumber shapes (covered entirely in diamonds) closing in. It has a quite interesting, yet captivating design that could be considered fancy. You can be sure that this marvelous piece is going to turn some heads. Its clarity belongs to the very small inclusion (VS) category. These Top Wesselton diamonds weigh an astounding 7,98 carats.

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The carat of a diamond equals the weight it. 1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams.
The image of the ring on a hand is only an educated guess.

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7,98 carat

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