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18K WG Black & White Petal Pave Ring

SKU No. 40227530

This is a beautiful attention getter you will be pleased to own. It is a beautiful mix of white and black brilliant cut diamonds. This pave style ring has a unique artistic design that is reminiscent of the shape of a flower. The petals are paved in white diamonds and edged in a row of black diamonds. This ring is definitely an eye catcher. It offers you 1,46 carats in beautifully cut diamonds. Some small inclusions may be present, but you would never know looking at it. All those diamonds are gracefully mounted upon a polished 18K white gold ring mounting.

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The carat of a diamond equals the weight it. 1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams.
The image of the ring on a hand is only an educated guess.

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1,46 carat

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