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18K WG Diamond 0.21 Carat Ring

SKU No. 40224198

These gorgeous Wesselton diamonds are perfect ornaments to celebrate a long term relationship, or indeed formalize it. Every caring, modern man should have no second thoughts regarding this 18K white gold ring as an engagement ring or an anniversary present. Three brilliantly cut 0.21 carat diamonds, with very small inclusions, will lift your love to a higher level, which will continue to glow brightly as those sparkling rocks on top of this beautifuly designed ring. The ring is perfect for every occasion and it’s beauty will not go unnoticed… even in the presence of royalty.

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The carat of a diamond equals the weight it. 1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams.
The image of the ring on a hand is only an educated guess.

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0,21 carat

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