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Half Alliance Ring with Diamonds and Gemstones

SKU No. 1041591

Feast your eyes on this half alliance diamond ring. In this 18 karat white gold ring, there are six diamonds and five gems of your choice alternate each other. These rings are available with red rubies, blue sapphires and green emeralds. Choose the color you want. Diamond rings with colored accents like these are the ideal addition to your outfit. For example: if you’re wearing that stunning red dress, you definitely want to complete it with some high-end jewelry. However, one large red ruby ring won’t compliment your look. A ring with red accents will achieve the intended result though. Pick the color you like and shine. Literally, because the diamonds on this ring are breathtaking.   

Specifications of the half alliance ring

Together, the diamonds and the gemstones on the ring are 1.00 carat. The diamonds have an SI-clarity and are Top Wesselton. That shows. They have a lovely clear, white color and a sparkle that lasts forever.

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The carat of a diamond equals the weight it. 1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams.
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1,00 carat

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