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Montblanc Fountain Pen Gold-Coated

SKU No. U0106514

Only a few things are as sophisticated as a fountain pen. Montblanc is known for their fantastic collection of fountain pens. At Royal Coster Diamonds, we have a great amount of these flower pens. This pen is the Meisterstück gold-coated fountain pen and is unbelievably stylish. The pen mainly is a deep black precious resin but has some stunning golden accents. The pen contains many gold-coated details. On the top of this pen, you’ll find the iconic white star Montblanc. The clip of the pen also has a gold coating and has the individual serial number on it. What really is amazing, is the 14 karat gold nib on this pen. In addition, it also has a rhodium-coated inlay.

This pen is also available in a platinum-coated version and comes in three types. The Meisterstück Classique is the one you see here. This is the thinnest pen of all. The Meisterstück Midsize is a bit larger, but the Meisterstück LeGrand is the largest pen of these three. For this one and similar pens, please visit our store in Amsterdam. We have a wide collection of Montblanc pens and other jewelry. For more information about this fountain pen or for more photo’s, you can contact a consultant. 

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