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Montblanc Fountain Pen Platinum-Coated

SKU No. U0106522

Little is as sophisticated as a fountain pen. Montblanc knows and brings you a fantastic collection. This Meisterstück platinum-coated fountain pen is always in style. The pen is a deep black precious resin. On it, there are platinum-coated details and of course the iconic white star that Montblanc is so known for. The clip of the pen is also platinum and contains the individual serial number. The pen has a 14 karat gold nib which has a rhodium-coated inlay. A magnificent fountain pen as such will never go out of style. 

This pen is also available in a gold-plated version and comes in three types. The Meisterstück Classique (as displayed) is the most slender one. The Meisterstück Midsize is a bit larger and the Meisterstück LeGrand is the biggest version of this pen. For this one and similar pens, please visit our store in Amsterdam. We have an outstanding Montblanc collection you will enjoy for sure. If you have questions about this fountain pen or for more photo’s, you can contact a consultant. 

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