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Montblanc Meisterstück Gold-Colored Cufflinks

SKU No. 112902

For those who want something Royal, the gold-colored Meisterstück cufflinks are perfect! The 16mm items are of stainless steel and have PVD finish. Like many of the Montblanc cufflinks, these as well have an onyx inlay. This combination of a round shape and the onyx inlay are basically the signature trademark for the Mont Blanc cufflinks. The onyx that is used in the jewelry is a natural, untreated stone. Therefore, the color of the onyx in these gold-colored cufflinks may vary between pairs. This way, you always know you’ll have a unique set. 

For more information or more pictures, please contact us. See our entire Montblanc collection during a visit to our store in Amsterdam.

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