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Rose gold pear pendant with dangling diamonds

SKU No. 40280099

This 18 karat rose gold necklace is truly a remarkable piece. The upper part consists of clean, high quality rose gold which is in the shape of a teardrop. Since this upper part is open, it creates an open-minded and free look. Below this open part, there is a dangling rose gold circle that is plated with 7 brilliant cut diamonds.  All diamonds are Wesselton white, have a Pique 1 clarity. In total, the diamonds are a modest 0.13 carat. Pique-clarity means that the diamonds have inclusions that sometimes can be seen by the naked eye. Especially in big diamonds, one may notice the small spots. However, since the diamonds in this pendant are quite small, any imperfections that are there will not be visible. If want a sophisticated rose gold diamond necklace, this might be exactly what you’re looking for. Contact a diamond consultant for more information about this necklace. 

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