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Rose gold pendant with 92 diamonds

SKU No. 40279714

Wow, this 18 karat rose gold necklace is really dazzling! The pendant consists of five open pear shapes that are intertwined and all plated with small brilliant diamonds. Pear shapes, as you may know, are always flattering to the one wearing them. This necklace is not only flattering but also a real eye-catcher. The intertwined teardrops remind one of the structures of imposing buildings and churches from the Gothic era. The diamonds, of course, make the feeling of luxury complete.

The 92 diamonds in this necklace are 0.29 karat Top Wesselton white and have a VS-clarity. VS means that the diamonds may have very small inclusions. Imperfections that appear in the diamond, but are very hard to spot. You would need at least a 10x magnifying loupe to see any impurities in the small diamonds on this necklace. The person who gets to wear this pendant is a very lucky woman. For more information about this necklace, please contact a diamond consultant.

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