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White gold necklace diamond heart inside circle

SKU No. 40300694

The 18 karat diamond pendant that represents love. It’s a simple, yet elegant and powerful necklace. You see the white gold circle with a diamond heart inside. This represents that love comes from within and that it knows no boundaries. The white gold diamond necklace is an amazing gift for someone you care deeply about. Unlike other heart shaped necklaces, this one is also perfect for someone you love, but are not in love with. You can give it for example to your sister, your friend, your aunt or your mother. We’ll guarantee she will love it!

The diamonds inside the little heart are 9 Wesselton white SI-diamonds and a modest 0.05 carat. SI means ‘small inclusions’ and indicates that the diamonds have small imperfections in them. However, the imperfections are so small, that you won’t be able to see them with the naked eye. Small inclusions as such have practically no impact on the “shine factor” of the diamond. This pendant is also available in rose gold. If you want to know more about this diamond necklace, please contact our diamond consultant.

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