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White gold pear emerald necklace with diamonds

SKU No. 40286218

This 18 karat white gold pendant looks good on every neck. The necklace is made of three pear shapes. The center stone is a teardrop green emerald of 0.54 carat. Around the emerald are 24 very small brilliant diamonds of 0.15 carats. The outer pear shape consists of 16 large brilliant diamonds which are 0.33 carat. In total, this necklace carries 1.02 carat. All 40 diamonds are Top Wesselton white and have an SI-clarity. SI stands for “small inclusions”. This means that the diamonds can contain small imperfections. Sometimes, these minor spots are visible to the naked eye. However, since the diamonds are quite small, the imperfections in these diamonds are not visible.

The layered pears – also known as teardrops – are known for their sophisticated shape. It is no surprise this shape is very popular among royalty and celebrities. Also at gala’s, one can count on seeing a lot of teardrop diamonds. Wearing pear shaped diamond jewelry always makes a great impression. 

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The carat of a diamond equals the weight it. 1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams.
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