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Yellow gold pendant with emerald and diamonds

SKU No. 40154158

Gold and green is a combination many people adore. Green is a great contrast to gold and vice versa. One of the benefits of emerald jewelry is that you can wear it throughout the entire year. It fits all seasons. It is, therefore, no surprise that this 18 karat yellow gold pendant is a very popular item. The necklace contains many small brilliant diamonds and one large oval emerald. This is the center stone of the pendant. The green emerald is 0.45 carat and catches the eye immediately. Is is because it is surrounded by the 0.32 carat diamonds. This gives the pendant a really sophisticated look. Together, the diamonds and the emerald are 0.77 carat. 

The 15 diamonds on the pendant are 0.32 carat and have a Wesselton white color and a “pique 1” clarty. A pique clarity means that a diamond can have visible inclusions. Usually, these imperfections are visible without needing a loupe. However, since the attention goes to the center stone and the diamonds are small, the imperfections are not that visible. 

Yellow gold not really your thing? That’s no problem, we have this pendant also in 18 karat white gold. Do you want to know more about this diamond and emerald necklace or see the white gold version of it? Please contact a diamond consultant for more information on this piece. 

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0.77 carat

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