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Our award winning diamond consultants help you select the best diamond jewellery for any budget.
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Create your own diamond gifts

When you have a great idea for diamond gifts, an beautiful ring or an other piece of jewelry?

Our master polishers and skilled goldsmiths can create any type of diamond ring you wish.

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Amsterdam Diamond Museum

Learn about 400 years of diamond history in Amsterdam, the origin of diamonds, almost al the crowns from al over the world and much, much more.

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The Engagement Workshop

The Engagement Workshop is not only for engagements but for any occasion and is a perfect gift to a loving couple. Sit behind the polishing table and learn how to polish a diamond and amazing facts about the mystical world of diamonds.

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Free guided tours

Free guided tours in more than 27 languages, explanation about the 4 c’s, admire our beautiful jewelry, tax free shopping and see the largest collection of unset diamonds at Royal Coster.

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Contact us for more information

When you have a question about diamonds, jewelry or anything else, our diamond consultants wil help you to select the best diamond jewellery for any budget and your most memorable stay in Amsterdam.

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