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High End Watches


Chopard is a Swiss watchmaker and jewelry maker. They were founded in 1860 in Sonvilier. Nowadays it is headquartered in Geneva. Originally, Chopard was known for making ladies’ (wrist) watches and pocket watches. Playfully moving diamonds inside a timepiece is Chopard’s signature for women’s watches.

A Constant Quest for Perfection

Exclusive Chopard Watches

Chopard’s core values are reflected in the parties and events Chopard associates with, like the Cannes International Film Festival and various motorsport races. Chopard believes racing and watches have a lot of similar values: they both share the same passion for precision and high performance.

Classic Racing

Happy Sport



Chopard: Elegance with a Passion for Cars

Inspired by the competing cars and Porche’s hybrid car, Chopard created the Superfast Watches as a modern tribute to the thrill of racing. But also the Mille Miglia race and the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique created inspiration for two of Chopard's lines of timepieces. Chopard presents a new model of this popular watch for the winners of each race as a tribute to their diving skills. However, the collection Chopard is probably most famous for is “Happy Diamonds”, with floating diamonds and sapphire glass.


Chopard History

Chopard’s extraordinary timepieces helped build a reputation of reliability and quality for Swiss-made products.


Chopard News

The only diary you're encouraged to read. Enter the world of Chopard to discover their latest news and get inspired.