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Dutch flower park Keukenhof

March 21, 2018/ BY Alina

Thinking about the Netherlands, you think about tulips and other bulb flowers. One of the main reasons people think about flowers immediately is because of Keukenhof. Keukenhof is a huge flower park in Lisse, between Amsterdam and The Hague, of 32 hectare. Every spring from the end of March until the end of May, millions of flowers from local organization are exhibited. This is such an amazing and spectacle view: Keukenhof is something you have to have seen once in your life. It is therefore not surprisingly that this royal garden is high on the must-see list of many (foreign) tourists.

History of Keukenhof

Like Royal Coster Diamonds its history, the one of de Keukenhof goes way back. In 1641, the castle Keukenhof was built. The adjoining land had a surface of over 200 hectare. In 1857, the gardens of the castle were redesigned by the landscape architects who would later on design the famous Vondelpark in Amsterdam. The gardens around the castle are today still the basis for the Keukenhof.

Beautiful Dutch garden Keukenhof

Since 1949, there have been exhibitions of prominent bulb flower growers and exporters. This made Keukenhof the spring park of the Netherlands. One year later, the park opened its doors for visitors for the first time. Nearly a quarter of a million people came to visit the park. Today, almost 70 years later, almost a 100 purveyors joined forces to create the most beautiful flower exhibitions in the world. Thanks to this, the Keukenhof receives about one million visitors a year.

Theme Keukenhof 2018: Romance

2018’s Keukenhof is ‘Romance in Flowers’. You can probably imagine why. Flowers and romance are – like diamonds and romance – inextricably connected. Visiting the Keukenhof was never this romantic. The spectacular Rose Show is bigger than ever and classical music plays between the tulips. All to create a wonderful romantic atmosphere. Propose to your loved one in the romantic Tulip Garden or visit Cupid’s Garden for a private rendez-vous. Visit the Keukenhof between March 22nd and May 13th in Lisse.

young woman in red tulip field

Previous themes

Every year, the Keukenhof embraces a different theme. Last year’s theme was Dutch Design

2017: Dutch Design

Another reason for tourists to come to Amsterdam, are the many famous artists that derived from the Netherlands. For example the Rijksmuseum which has many paintings of the greatest Dutch Masters. But also the Rambrandt House and the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam are true touristic hotspots. The Netherlands breathes art and artists. A couple of these famous artists such as Rietveld and Mondriaan, laid the foundation for Dutch Design. The key concepts of Dutch Design are: innovative, unconventional, minimalistic, and experimental.  All with a healthy dose of humor. 

Tourists taking pictures at Keukenhof

To Keukenhof with Royal Coster Diamonds

At Royal Coster Diamonds we are a big fan of everything beautiful the Netherlands has to offer. One of these things being the amazing flower shows of Keukenhof. Our Country Managers have created special arrangements for tour groups. The arrangements consist for example about visits to Keukenhof, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and a canal cruise through the inner city of Amsterdam. Besides this, the guests receive of course a free guided tour through our diamond factory and entrance to the Diamond Museum.  


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