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Exchange Your Gold

Have you recently (re)found your old gold jewelry? Or maybe even inherited some? Then, of course, you can wear it. But if these jewels hold no sentimental value or are not your taste, they may very well and up in a box on the attic. In that case, it can be interesting to exchange this old gold for a beautiful new jewel. That is why Royal Coster Diamonds currently offers the option to pay with old gold.

Pay with old gold

There are many pawnshops in Amsterdam. But with us you receive a high(er) trade-in value because it can be used immediately for a new piece of jewelry.

When you purchase a jewel from Royal Coster Diamonds, you can pay up to 50% of the price with old gold. You will receive the trade-in value of the old gold as a discount on the new jewel. Your old gold jewelry will be inspected – if possible – while you wait.

Prices for old gold

We use the following trade-in prices:

  • 14 karat gold: € 34,- per gram
  • 18 karat gold: € 43,- per gram
  • 22 karat gold: € 47,- per gram
  • 22 karat gold: € 52,- per gram
  • 24 karat gold: € 56,- per gram

These prices are only possible in combination with the purchase of a jewel at Royal Coster Diamonds and not in combination with other promotions.

Terms & conditions

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • For jewelry with non-gold parts, these non-gold parts are removed
  • Royal Coster Diamonds can decide not to accept a piece of jewelry.
  • Exchange of gold is not possible for jewelry that is already subjected to a promotion or offer.
  • This offer is not possible in combination with an upgrade of an existing jewel.
  • The regular warranty conditions apply to newly purchased jewelry.

Contact us for more information about this offer.

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