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Famous Emerald diamond rings

January 31, 2017/ BY Frank van Poorten

Like the name suggests, the cut was initially intended for the emerald. Special about this cut is that only the purest of the stones qualify to be cut in this model.
Precisely by this reason, the emeralds are often used as a special wedding- or engagement ring
The Emerald of Melania Trump is a famous, but certainly not the most expensive or largest.

With this a few great examples:

The Emerald diamond ring of Amal Clooney

amal emerald

The Emerald diamond ring of Angelina Jolie

angelina emerald

(is it spotted in the pawnshop yet?)

The diamand ring with Emerald of Eva Longoria

eva emerald

The Emerald diamond ring of Kim Kardashian

kim emerald

(We wonder how long will it be worn?)

The Emerald diamond ring of Maria Carey

mariah emerald

And finally, the diamand ring with the emerald of the First Lady

melania emerald

The emerald cut

Won’t you agree the emerald shaped diamonds make some of the most beautiful (engagement) rings? The secret lays within it’s cut and facets.

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