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How the Color of Gold can Influence a Diamond’s Appearance

By Danielle

Senior diamond consultant; standing by to provide personal advice. She knows exactly what you are looking for while keeping your budget in mind.

April 8, 2021

Choosing the perfect ring comes with many deciding factors. You can opt for a solitaire ring, a halo ring, an alliance ring, or many more. Then there’s to decide on the 4C’s, which in itself requires plenty to think of when selecting a diamond. But did you know choosing the gold color of the ring setting can have an impact on the diamond’s appearance too?

What is a ring setting?

The setting is the part of the ring that envelops your finger and is the base for the center stone, often a diamond. Selecting the right ring setting is as important as selecting the perfect diamond. The ring setting should not be underestimated when choosing or designing the ring. The most common colors for the ring setting are yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

To select the most suited setting for the diamond, you should look at the compatibility between the setting and the diamond color: one aspect of the 4C’s. With help of the diamond color scale, diamonds can be discerned in color grading.

The diamond color scale

The diamond color scale

The GIA – Gemological Institute of America, created a grading system where each color is referred to as a letter starting from D (colorless) ending on Z (very yellowish). In other words, the lower the letter, the stronger the yellow hue of the diamond. In Europe the grading system is through name description, the diamond color scale shows both the letter as the name grading.

Choosing the right color of gold is completely according to your liking. There are, however, a few tips and tricks you can keep in mind to somewhat ‘play’ with the different colors.

What is the influence of a white gold setting?

White gold is the most frequently chosen color as it is loved by many clients. Diamonds graded D to J are best accompanied by a white gold setting to support the shine of the (near-)colorless hue. Though grades I and J lean more towards the faint yellowish color, these two are considered very faint. Therefore, these can be put on a white gold setting.

The Cathedral Basket Diamond Ring - 18k white gold setting with a grade I diamond

The Cathedral Basket Diamond Ring – 18k white gold setting with a grade I diamond

Bear in mind that diamonds graded lower than J – Top Cape, are not advised to put on white gold settings. The white base will make the yellow coloration of the diamond stand out more, making the diamond less bright.

What is the influence of a yellow gold setting?

Yellow gold is known for its classic appearance. A timeless color that adds more depth and charm to the jewelry. Yellow gold settings can also be combined with more colorless diamonds. This however can make the hue of the diamond appear more yellowish due to the yellow gold base. To retain the (near or faint) colorless shine, choose white-colored prongs to create a strong contrast between the yellow gold setting and the whiter-colored diamond.

The Diamond Flower - 18k yellow gold setting with Top Wesselton (Grade F-G) diamond

The Diamond Flower – 18k yellow gold setting with Top Wesselton (Grade F-G) diamond

A yellow gold setting matches best with diamonds from grade K or lower. As these diamonds contain a more visible yellow hue, yellow gold accentuates this hue giving the ring a more complete look.

14k yellow gold setting with Grade K diamond

14k yellow gold setting with Grade K diamond

What is the influence of a rose gold setting?

Rose gold is one of the more romantic colors as the gold glows with a deep pink complexion. It is also known to be more durable than white and yellow gold. Rose gold settings tend to match best with diamonds that contain a slight colored hue. In contrast to a yellow or white gold setting, the rose gold base creates a warmer tone so a slightly colored diamond will appear softer. Recommended grades would be I, J, and K. Note that grades lower than K can result in too much of a colored hue and could mismatch between rose gold and yellow.

However, a rose gold base can be combined with higher graded diamonds as well to create a striking contrast and make the diamond stand out in its glory. 

The Lucky Princesses, rose gold with 18k - Wesselton (Grade H) diamonds

The Lucky Princesses rose gold with 18k – Wesselton (Grade H) diamonds

What is the influence of ring settings on fancy colored diamonds?

Fancy-color diamonds are a league of their own. Depending on the vividness of the color, any ring setting can be used to match the preference or taste. White gold settings tend to be combined more often with fancy-color diamonds. The reason for this is the big contrast between the white color base and the colored diamond. If the colored diamond leans more towards the lighter saturation, a yellow or rose gold setting would also be suitable to create more subtlety towards the diamond.

A Tangerine Touch - 18k white gold setting with Orange center diamond and Top Wesselton (Grade F-G) small diamonds

A Tangerine Touch – 18k white gold setting with Orange center diamond and Top Wesselton (Grade F-G) small diamonds

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