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Royal Coster Diamonds is Official Sponsor of Amstelveen Women’s Open

Royal Coster Diamonds proudly announces that we are an official sponsor of Amstelveen Women’s Open! We are trying to make the tournament as exciting and as beautiful as possible in collaboration with the KNLTB. “Where talent blooms” and diamonds sparkle!

Tennis and Diamonds

Royal Coster Diamonds and the KNLTB are not the first to link diamonds and tennis. The first connection was made in 1987. The American tennis star Chris Evert wore a diamond bracelet designed by George Bedewie when playing tennis. The bracelet attracted a lot of attention and was often referred to by journalists as the ‘tennis bracelet’. During a match between Chris Evert and Wendy Turnbull, the tennis star lost her special diamond bracelet. The competition was completely stopped because Chris Evert wanted to look for her bracelet. She believed the bracelet brought luck.

At the time this event was broadcasted live on the television, allowing a large number of people to watch what was happening. Since the incident, the so-called tennis bracelet has become very popular. Tennis players such as Serena Williams also started wearing the jewelry

The similarity between tennis and diamonds

Diamonds are created under extremely high temperatures in a natural process. The pressure causes the diamond to crystallize. After diamonds are found, they are treated with great precision to cut them from rough diamonds into beautiful gemstones. Tennis players are going through a similar process; from an inexperienced tennis player to a true professional. Both processes require a lot of effort and years of training, but the result is unbeatable.

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