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Mother's Day collection

Sunday, May 13th goes out to the most special women in our lives. The ones who gave us our lives and instantly became the most important persons in them. The kindest, strongest and most caring women you know: the mothers. At Royal Coster Diamonds we have a special place in our hearts for mothers all over the world. They inspire us to create the most beautiful jewelry to create the most beautiful smiles.

For all loving mothers out there, our consultants composed a stunning collection of (diamond) jewelry. As you may know, diamonds are the international symbol of love. Not just between lovers, but love in general. Show your mother how much you care about her with one of these amazing pieces of jewelry.  Sometimes it’s hard to explain how dear your mother is to you but with these items, no words are needed. She knows.

Something for every budget


To accommodate everyone who loves his or her mom, we did something unusual. Normally, we don’t show anything else than diamond jewelry on our website. Even though we have more than loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. However, in the light of Mother’s Day, we want to show you that we do, in fact, have something for every budget. At Royal Coster, we have the most valuable diamond jewelry, but also brand watches and regular jewelry without diamonds. Come on over, enjoy a free guided diamond tour and we guarantee you that you’ll find the perfect gift. 

Everything I am, you helped me to be

Cluse ladies watch stainless steel

Watch Cluse from giftshop Royal Coster Diamonds

Cluse ladies watch 'La Boheme' rose gold

Cluse watch with pink band

Rosefield ladies watch rose gold and white

Rosefield watch with gold band

Rosefield ladies watch rose gold with grey band

Rosefield watch with grey band

With brands like Rosefield, Royal Grace and Swarovski, we have something for every budget: always the perfect gift

Swarovski earrings

Swarovski black swans

The Amsterdam Bracelet

amsterdam bracelet in gift box

Royal Grace Silver ring with zirconia

royal grace silver ring

Royal Grace Silver silver jewelry set

royal grace set jewelry

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