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Origin of Black Diamonds

November 18, 2016/ BY Frank van Poorten

Black is beautiful

In this article I will explain a little bit about where black diamonds come from and how they form. Black diamonds sparkle much less then their white counterparts but they do give a unique sense of style and elegance to any woman who wears them. Combined with white diamonds they really florish creating a beautiful aura of sophistication and grace. Of course you can browse our black and white diamond jewelry or contact one of our diamond consultants for advice, but before you do, you might want to know a little more about this beautiful, mystical rock.


Black diamonds – also known as Carbonado  are polycrystalline diamonds. This means that they are composed of several different minerals. When diamonds appear from vulcano’s they get taken down the mountain by lava until it sometimes reaches a riverbedding. The water then runs with it and takes it into the flow until it quits down and the diamonds sink into the ground. These deposits of sedimentation sometimes hold a lot of diamonds and it is here where most black diamonds have been found.

Some of the sites where black diamonds were found are:

  • The Central African Republicblack diamonds rough
  • Brazil
  • The Kozelski Volcano in Kamchatka

The natural color of Black Diamonds ranges from dark gray to black, and they are more porous than other diamonds. Look at the image next to this to see how porous the Carbonado can be.

3 C’s of Black Diamond valuation

Quite uniquely, black diamonds do not have any visible inclusions (or internal damages) that were formed inside the mantle of the earth. It also has a relative strong luminescence (sparkle) which is caused by nitrogen and the absence of several atoms in the structure of the crystal. And guess what, the black color also appears due to radiation. Only during formation though, so any glow you will appear to have when wearing will only come from yourself.

Boulders of Star Dust

The interesting and somewhat weird part of black diamonds are that they are only found in places where no other diamonds are found. While you can find a yellow, pink, blue or red diamond in a mostly ‘white’ diamond mine, black diamonds are always found among other black diamonds. This leads to some questions and controversy about the real origin. Ranging from direct conversion from the center of the earth to strong radiation-influenced inception, nobody has quite determined the final theory.

We will not bore you with the many different theories on this but we will tell you the most interesting and- in our opinion- one of the most amazing origin story is from Dr. Haggerty, an expert on this matter who believes Black Diamonds are the remains of dying starts that explode and found their way to earth. This theory sounds strange and right from an episode of Star Trek, but has actually gained more and more followers throughout the years. Black diamonds are only found in very specific locations and always only black diamonds. And the largest diamonds ever found, are all black as well. He called them ‘Boulders of Star Dust’. And we like that.

If you are looking to buy some ‘Boulders of Star Dust’, contact our diamond consultants or browse our catalog.


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