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Paris Hilton’s Engagement Ring

January 9, 2018/ BY Alina

Imagine being proposed to on the top of the snowy mountains in Aspen. The man of your dreams goes down on one knee. He presents a 20 carat pear shape diamond with another 2 carat of small brilliants on a platinum setting. There’s no way you say ‘No’ to that!

Chris Zylka wanted to ask his Paris Hilton to marry him with one of the world’s most beautiful rings. After months of planning with his jeweler, he created the ring he would give to Paris. It took two months to cut and polish the rough diamond into the beautiful 20-carat Pear shape.

Two million worth of nerves

Everything was taken care of and Chris finally got his ring. During a photo session with Paris Hilton he suddenly went down on one knee and (slightly nervous) proposed to her.

Paris wasn’t the only one who was proposed to on the snowy mountains. It happens quite often this time of the year on this very spot. However, that’s the only common thing about this proposal. According to experts, the ring is worth between two and four million dollars.

proposal chris zylka and paris hilton

A rare diamond in a unique ring

According to the jeweler who made this piece of jewelry, the ring is worth more than two million dollars. The in Pear shape (also known as Tear Drop) cut snow-white diamond is set onto a platinum ring. The halo around the pear is plated with more than two carat of brilliant cut diamonds.

A 20-carat Pear

This pear shape is quite rare. First of all it’s because of the weight of the stone. Right now Paris’ Pear is 20 carats. However, when the diamond was still in the rough, the carat number was probably even doubled.

Top Wesselton

According to experts, the 20-carat pear is a ‘Top Wesselton’ with minuscule inclusions. It’s a rarity in its appearance. If the diamond were to be a ‘River Pure’, the purest white a diamond can be, it would have been twice as expensive. Nevertheless, this ring is considered a ‘timeless stunner’ by multiple diamond experts.

paris hilton engagement ring 20 carat pear

The Paris Hilton Pear

In all its glory, this ring is the perfect engagement ring for Paris. The ring was made after the design of Paris’ mother’s engagement ring. That ring also contained a Pear shaped diamond. That’s also why Chris immediately fell in love when he first saw this Pear. After he saw this diamond, he looked a bit further to other shapes and sizes, but deep down he already knew this was the one.

Compared to other engagement rings

The ring’s net worth is above the average price of an engagement ring. On average, people spend around 6000 euros on an engagement ring. It is already more than a few years ago, in 2011, when this was 5000 euros. However, it’s still not even close to two million! It’s no surprise that also the size of the diamond is nowhere near the size of the one in average engagement rings.  Compared to the 1.20-carat diamonds in your regular engagement rings, this 20-carat ring really stands out. Even though there are no strict rules on how much you should spend on an engagement ring, this is usually two months of salaries.

man holding diamond and ring to custom make engagement ring

Design your perfect engagement ring at Royal Coster Diamonds

Chris Zylka had chosen to design the ring for Paris himself. This was of course in good consultation with his jeweler. At Royal Coster Diamonds, we also receive a lot of requests for custom made (engagement) rings. That’s not that strange. When you have an exact ring in mind, you don’t want to make any concessions. That is why we offer the possibility to recreate your ideas. By means of a picture or even a detailed description, we can create your perfect custom made ring.

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